Page County primary election still on


  According to a letter this week to voters from Page County Auditor Melissa Wellhausen, the June 2 primary election is still on schedule.

            Wellhausen’s office oversees elections in the county.

            The spread of COVID-19 cases across the country has questioned the safety at public events, like multiple people attending an election site. Iowa, like other states, does offer absentee ballots by mail. There are no confirmed cases in Page County.

            “Enclosed is an absentee ballot request form that you can fill out and return by mail to the Page County Auditor’s Office. Once the primary election ballots are ready, the first week of May, your ballot will be mailed to you. You can vote in the convenience of your own home and then return the voted ballot in the postage paid envelope to the Page County Auditor’s Office,” states the letter.

            Forms can also be found on Page County’s website or the Iowa Secretary of State website at Voters can call the Page County Auditor’s office at (712) 542-3219 for information about a form.

            “We hope this will ease voters’ concerns, as we are committed to making sure that every eligible voter in Page County has the opportunity to vote and that their vote counts,” states the letter. “We are in regular communication with the office of the secretary of state. The situation is being closely monitored and procedures are being implemented to deal with the constantly changing circumstances.”

            Page County’s primary ballot includes five candidates for a board of supervisor seat.


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