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Jeff Hiser – Candidate Shenandoah School Board

Former Shenandoah school Superintendent Jeff Hiser is running for the Shenandoah school board for one of the two seats on the Nov. 5 ballot.

Hiser said one reason he is running is the board needs someone that will listen to the public and his experience.

“I think I’m well rounded, and I already understand what my rules should be as a board member,” he said.

The Shenandoah school board voted to terminate his contract as superintendent in November 2014 over questionable financial activity related to the job.

“In response to the comment, the Valley News Today added to my story and sent it to the press prior to checking for comments or corrections from me, the candidate,” said Hiser.”I would like it to be known that although I was terminated by the board of education I was never contacted by any media after the termination to ask any questions related to my side of the story. A lawsuit was filed against the district but because of the agreement reached I can not discuss the details but I am allowed to say, “I am happy with the outcome!” I hope people now know there are always two sides of a story.”

Hiser previously served two terms on the Shenandoah School Board from 1985 to 1991, served as school board president, and taught in the Shenandoah community school district for five years.

“I think that is a major plus as a board member because it will be unique that you have somebody that’s already been in all three roles,” he said.

Hiser said he would bring experience,  knowledge, and understanding of teachers and administration.

He has degrees in education and was principal in Perry and Stanton community schools. He was president for school administrators of Iowa Executive office for four years, and while teaching, he was president of the teachers association.

Hiser said a priority would be all board members function within their roles and responsibilities laid out by the Iowa School Board Association. That helps members make the best decisions based on recommendations from the superintendent.

“I’ve always said even as a teacher or whatever position I’ve held, I’m not going in this to say this needs to be changed,” said Hiser. “That’s unfair.”

As an educator, Hiser said he cares about what happens to the future of our children and the community.

“I’ll always be an educator, no matter what,” said Hiser.”I still keep up on educational issues, and I want to be a part of helping Shenandoah continue to grow and provide what is necessary for our children and our staff.”

Hiser said he wants to make sure when students graduate from high school, they are prepared for whatever they choose after graduation, whether it be entering the workforce or attending a college.

Hiser retired from public education and is employed at the University of Phoenix as a faculty supervisor. He is the director of media for the United Methodist Church in Shenandoah. He was recently appointed by the Iowa High School Music Theatre awards organization out of Des Moines as one of their judges.

Hiser retired after 20 years from the Shenandoah Fire Department and spent 25 ½ years on the Shenandoah Police Department. He is a former mayor of Shenandoah in 1998 and City Council and Mayor-Pro-tem from 2006 to 2010. Hiser is also a member of the Elks Club.

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