Noah Jorgenson, Sidney

Sidney junior Noah Jorgenson crosses the finish line with a school record of 1:59.31 in the 800 meter run, Monday, April 8 in Shenandoah.

SHENANDOAH – The Shenandoah Mustangs finished second and Sidney’s Noah Jorgenson broke the school record in the 800 meter run at the Mustang Relays, Monday, April 8.

Jorgenson entered the day with the goal of breaking the 2 minute barrier in the 800 meter run and accomplished it, finishing his first race of the day in 1 minute, 59.31 seconds. He took the record from Casey Cruickshank.

“Casey is a guy that Noah has probably looked up to the most,” Sidney coach Donnie Sears said. “To break Casey’s record means the world to Noah.”

Jorgenson also brought the Cowboys back from a sizable deficit to win the 4x400 meter relay, teaming up with Michael Benedict, Jaden Sears and Cole Hunt to run a 3:43.10.

The Mustangs scored 122 points to earn runner-up honors, trailing only Glenwood’s 189.

Riley Backus was part of all three Shenandoah victories. He matched his season-best with a high jump title at 6 feet, 2 inches. He also won the 400 hurdles at 1:00.72 and anchored the winning 4x200 meter relay. Kyle Cerven, Anthony Stogdill, Trevor Bauer and Backus finished in 1:36.30.

The 4x200 group also took second in the 4x100 relay in 45.77. Mustangs coach Ty Ratliff said experience will keep lowering times.

“We messed with the order in the last week and haven’t had a lot of practice time,” said Ratliff. “They can all go faster. It’s just a matter of us getting some practice time and ironing out the little details.”

Jack Campbell added a runner-up finish for the Mustangs in the 3200 meter run in 11:13.27. Teammate Levi Son was third in the same race in 11:17.47. Son and Campbell were also sixth and seventh in the 1600.

Stogdill finished third in the 100 in 11.69. Cerven was fifth in the same race and sixth in the 200. Nick Hunter added a third-place run in the 110 hurdles in 17.15. Bauer finished third in the long jump at 18-2.

Ty Rogers, Ethan Voshell, Mitchell Jones and Jake Stenzel also gave the Mustangs points in an individual event.

The Mustangs placed third in three different relays. Cerven, Bauer, Morgan Cotten and Carter Backus ran a 3:55.60 in the 4x400. Stogdill and Hunter teamed up with Michael Reed and Evan Holmes for a 1:08.29 in the shuttle hurdle. The final third-place spot went to Blake Swanson, Rogers, Ashtin Perrin and Campbell in the 1600 medley in 4:16.03.

Shenandoah was also fourth in the 800 medley and fifth in the 4x800 relay.

Ratliff was pleased with his team’s overall effort.

“Our top relays didn’t necessarily run their fastest, but they ran well,” said Ratliff. “We did a good job being competitive and fighting as a team. We had a lot of fourth, fifth and sixths, which adds up and makes the team race more fun.”

Sidney scored 86 points to finish fifth in the team race, just behind Clarinda’s 92 and Red Oak’s 88.

Adam Thompson was the other winner for the Cowboys, taking the 3200 meter run in 10:55.75. He was also second in the 1600 in 4:58.96.

Michael Benedict finished second in the 400 in 54.92 while the 4x800 relay team, minus half of the runners that put down an 8:29 the week before, finished second in 8:45.42.

“For (Mister) McNaughton and (Jaden) Sears to go 2:07 again (was big),” Coach Sears said. “They went 2:08 and 2:07 Thursday, so to come back and do it again four days later shows them it wasn’t a fluke. They want to go sub 2:05. The two young kids that ran with them in Cole Hunt and Cole Jorgenson both had their career best.”

The Cowboys added a third-place shot put throw from Brady Lorimor at 42-11 and a fourth-place run from McNaughton in the 400 hurdles. Matthew Benedict was fourth in the high jump while Michael Benedict finished fifth in the 200.

Thomas Wilson ended fifth in the discus and eighth in the shot put for the Cowboys. Lorimor took seventh in the discus.

Essex also competed and scored 24 points for an eighth-place finish at the 10-team meet.

Colton Thornburg again led the Trojans. He finished second in the long jump at 19-2.75, fourth in the 100 and 200 and sixth in the high jump.

“Colton didn’t have his best long jump,” Essex coach Matthew Quick said, “but he is still jumping better than he was last year and we’re confident in him. He ran well in the 100 and 200 and high jumped well. He had a good day even though it wasn’t a good day for his standards.”

Caden Henderson scored the rest of Essex’s points with a sixth-place run in the 3200.

“Caden set a personal best in the mile,” said Quick, “and ran really nice in the 2-mile scoring points for the team.”

Several pictures from the Mustang Relays can be seen online at The photo gallery also includes pictures of the five seniors and their parents during senior night festivities.

Full Essex, Shenandoah and Sidney results (Top 8 places shown)

Team scoring – 2. Shenandoah 122. 5. Sidney 86. 8. Essex 24.

100 meter dash – 3. Anthony Stogdill, Shenandoah 11.69. 4. Colton Thornburg, Essex 11.88. 5. Kyle Cerven, Shenandoah 12.00. Micah Aldana, Sidney 13.15. Nathan Benedict, Sidney 13.19. Isaiah Kline, Essex 13.44. Quentin Thornburg, Essex 13.56.

200 meter dash – 4. Colton Thornburg, Essex 24.33. 5. Michael Benedict, Sidney 24.54. 6. Kyle Cerven, Shenandoah 24.65. 7. Ty Rogers, Shenandoah 25.77. Jeryn Parmer, Sidney 28.02. Isaiah Kline, Essex 28.31.

400 meter dash – 2. Michael Benedict, Sidney 54.92. Morgan Cotten, Shenandoah 59.29. Brydon Huntley, Sidney 1:01.40. Matt Shaw, Shenandoah 1:02.26.

800 meter run – 1. Noah Jorgenson, Sidney 1:59.31. 7. Ethan Voshell, Shenandoah 2:23.56. 8. Mitchell Jones, Shenandoah 2:24.94.

1600 meter run – 2. Adam Thompson, Sidney 4:58.96. 6. Levi Son, Shenandoah 5:15.29. 7. Jack Campbell, Shenandoah 5:23.51. Cole Jorgenson, Sidney 5:33.44. Caden Henderson, Essex 5:34.95.

3200 meter run – 1. Adam Thompson, Sidney 10:55.75. 2. Jack Campbell, Shenandoah 11:12.37. 3. Levi Son, Shenandoah 11:17.47. 6. Caden Henderson, Essex 12:09.69.

110 meter hurdles – 3. Nick Hunter, Shenandoah 17.15.

400 meter hurdles – 1. Riley Backus, Shenandoah 1:00.72. 4. Mister McNaughton, Sidney 1:02.57. 6. Evan Holmes, Shenandoah 1:08.75.

Discus – 5. Thomas Wilson, Sidney 111-3.5. 6. Jake Stenzel, Shenandoah 110-1.5. 7. Brady Lorimor, Sidney 106-4. Blake Doyle, Shenandoah 102-6. Quentin Thornburg, Essex 69-1.

High jump – 1. Riley Backus, Shenandoah 6-2. 4. Matthew Benedict, Sidney 5-6. 6. Colton Thornburg, Essex 5-6. 7. Ethan Voshell, Shenandoah 5-2.

Long jump – 2. Colton Thornburg, Essex 19-2.75. 3. Trevor Bauer, Shenandoah 18-2. Chase Price, Sidney 15-11.25. Michael Reed, Shenandoah 14-4.5. Isaiah Kline, Essex 12-1.5.

Shot put – 3. Brady Lorimor, Sidney 42-11. 8. Thomas Wilson, Sidney 38-6. Blake Doyle, Shenandoah 37-3. Quentin Thornburg, Essex 33-0. Jake Stenzel, Shenandoah 32-10.

4x100 meter relay – 2. Shenandoah (Kyle Cerven, Anthony Stogdill, Trevor Bauer, Riley Backus) 45.77. 7. Sidney (Tyler Hensley, Garett Phillips, Sam Pierce, Brydon Huntley) 51.69.

4x200 meter relay – 1. Shenandoah (Kyle Cerven, Anthony Stogdill, Trevor Bauer, Riley Backus) 1:36.30.

4x400 meter relay – 1. Sidney (Michael Benedict, Jaden Sears, Cole Hunt, Noah Jorgenson) 3:43.10. 3. Shenandoah (Kyle Cerven, Trevor Bauer, Morgan Cotten, Carter Backus) 3:55.60.

4x800 meter relay – 2. Sidney (Mister McNaughton, Jaden Sears, Cole Jorgenson, Cole Hunt) 8:45.42. 5. Shenandoah (Ethan Voshell, Matt Shaw, Mitchell Jones, Carter Backus) 9:28.83.

Shuttle hurdle relay – 3. Shenandoah (Anthony Stogdill, Nick Hunter, Michael Reed, Evan Holmes) 1:08.29.

800 meter medley relay – 4. Shenandoah (Blake Swanson, Ty Rogers, Nick Hunter, Morgan Cotten) 1:45.58. 6. Sidney (Tyler Hensley, Garett Phillips, Brydon Huntley, Michael Benedict) 1:47.53.

1600 meter medley relay – 3. Shenandoah (Blake Swanson, Ty Rogers, Ashtin Perrin, Jack Campbell) 4:16.03.

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