Riley Jensen, Essex

Essex freshman Riley Jensen leaps over 5 feet, 1 inch, a new Essex school record, at the Stanton co-ed track meet, Thursday, March 28, in Griswold. Photo courtesy Blake and Connie Jensen.

GRISWOLD – Sidney’s track and field teams were edged by Griswold for team titles at the Stanton co-ed track meet, which was hosted by Griswold, Thursday, March 28.

Sidney was strong across the board, but Essex freshman Riley Jensen left with a school record in her first high school meet.

Jensen broke the high jump record with a leap of 5 feet, 1 inch. The record had stood since 2000.

Jensen led the Trojanettes to a fifth-place team finish with 56 points, an impressive mark for a team of just four athletes.

Jensen also won the 200 meter dash in 29.39 seconds and finished fourth in the 100.

Teammate Sarah Madsen scored in the same three events. Madsen ended third in the high jump at 4-6, third in the 200 in 30.98 and fifth in the 100.

Sami York scored another 18 points for the Trojanettes. York won the shot put with a throw of 33 feet, 10 inches and took second in the discus at 94-7.

Sidney’s 138 points were just two behind meet champion Griswold.

Maddy Duncan led the way for the Cowgirls with wins in the 100 meter dash in 13.23 and the 400 in 1:05.04. Duncan was also high jump runner-up at 4-6 and was joined by Presley Brumbaugh, Caitlyn Ward and Chay Ward to win the 4x400 relay in a time of 4:43.21.

The Cowgirls also won the 4x800 and 1600 medley relays. Brumbaugh and the Ward sisters were joined by Camryn McClintock in the 4x800 in a time of 12:25.52. Danica Laumann, Olivia Larsen, Makenna Laumann and Harley Spurlock captured the medley title in 5:34.43.

The Cowgirls earned four runner-up finishes from four different athletes in individual events. Those finishes came from Alice de Froment in the 200 in 29.70, Faith Brumbaugh in the 400 in 1:14.71, Chay Ward in the 800 in 2:43.50 and McClintock in the 1500 in 6:23.43.

The Cowgirls were also second in the 4x100 relay in 57.14, the 4x200 relay in 2:04.32 and the shuttle hurdle relay in 1:30.90. Danica Laumann, Larsen and de Froment competed in the 4x100 and 4x200. They were joined by Makenna Laumann in the 4x100 and Roxanna Snyder in the 4x200. Snyder also ran in the hurdle relay with Sidnie Baier, Presley Brumbaugh and Caitlyn Ward.

Larsen, de Froment and the Laumann sisters also finished third in the 800 medley relay in a time of 2:07.85 for the Cowgirls.

The Cowboys put up 139 points, but like the girls fell just shy of Griswold as the Tigers scored 143 to win the team title.

The Cowboys won three individual events with Noah Jorgenson taking the 1600 in 4:54.56, Adam Thompson the 3200 in 10:47.23 and Brady Lorimor the shot put in 42-7.

Lorimor was also second in the discus at 127-10. The Cowboys also got runner-up individual finishes from Storm Barrett in the 1600 in 5:38.40, Mister McNaughton in the 800 in 2:12.18, Jorgenson in the 400 in 54.23, Michael Benedict in the 200 at 24.94 and Matthew Benedict in the high jump at 5-6.

The Cowboys added second-place relay finishes in the 800 medley in 1:46.77 and the 1600 medley in 4:15.26. Garett Phillips and Tyler Hensley ran in both. They were joined by McNaughton and Cole Hunt in the sprint medley and Brydon Huntley and Cole Jorgenson in the distance medley.

Sam Pierce, Josh Lutz, Jacob Hobbie and Donovan Racine placed third in the shuttle hurdle relay for the Cowboys in a time of 1:27.59.

Kyle Beam added a third-place run in the 3200 for the Cowboys in 12:32.89.

The Trojans had three athletes combine to score 50 points to take sixth in the team standings.

Colton Thornburg led the Trojans with wins in the 200 in 24.45 and the long jump in 19-7. He was also third in the 100 in 11.99 and third in the high jump at 5-2.

Luke Dalley added a win in the 400 for the Trojans, finishing in 53.41.

Caden Henderson also scored points for the Trojans, led by a third-place run in the 1600 in 5:42.26.

The Essex boys and Sidney girls return to the track Monday, April 1 with the Trojans at Treynor and the Cowgirls at Riverside. The Essex girls travel to Clarinda Tuesday, April 2 and the Sidney boys next compete at Missouri Valley Thursday, April 4.

Essex and Sidney full results (Places listed to top six)


Team scoring – 2. Sidney 138. 5. Essex 56

100 meter dash – 1. Maddy Duncan, Sidney 13.23. 4. Riley Jensen, Essex 14.19. 5. Sarah Madsen, Essex 14.25. Izzy Robinson, Sidney 16.85.

200 meter dash – 1. Riley Jensen, Essex 29.39. 2. Alice de Froment, Sidney 29.70. 3. Sarah Madsen, Essex 30.98. Hailey Focht, Sidney 39.70.

400 meter dash – 1. Maddy Duncan, Sidney 1:05.04. 2. Faith Brumbaugh, Sidney 1:14.71.

800 meter run – 2. Chay Ward, Sidney 2:43.50. 4. Harley Spurlock, Sidney 2:59.85.

1500 meter run – 2. Camryn McClintock, Sidney 6:23.43.

3000 meter run – 4. Caitlynn Rasco, Sidney 15:22.54.

100 meter hurdles – 5. Sidney Baier, Sidney 21.46.

Discus – 2. Sami York, Essex 94-7. 5. Sheridyn Oswald, Sidney 72-8. 6. Madison Kingery, Sidney 61-10. Jasmine Fort, Essex 51-9.

High jump – 1. Riley Jensen, Essex 5-1. 2. Maddy Duncan, Sidney 4-6. 3. Sarah Madsen, Essex 4-6. 4. Presley Brumbaugh, Sidney 4-6.

Long jump – Makenna Laumann, Sidney No distance.

Shot put – 1. Sami York, Essex 33-10.5. 6. Myrna Rodriguez, Sidney 26-1.5. Adi Williams, Sidney 22-10. Jasmine Fort, Essex 19-8.25.

4x100 meter relay – 2. Sidney (Danica Laumann, Olivia Larsen, Alice de Froment, Makenna Laumann) 57.14.

4x200 meter relay – 2. Sidney (Danica Laumann, Olivia Larsen, Alice de Froment, Roxanna Snyder) 2:04.32.

4x400 meter relay – 1. Sidney (Maddy Duncan, Presley Brumbaugh, Caitlyn Ward, Chay Ward) 4:43.21.

4x800 meter relay – 1. Sidney (Presley Brumbaugh, Camryn McClintock, Caitlyn Ward, Chay Ward) 12:25.52.

Shuttle hurdle relay – 2. Sidney (Sidnie Baier, Presley Brumbaugh, Roxanna Snyder, Caitlyn Ward) 1:30.90.

800 meter medley relay – 3. Sidney (Danica Laumann, Olivia Larsen, Alice de Froment, Makenna Laumann) 2:07.85.

1600 meter medley relay – 1. Sidney (Danica Laumann, Olivia Larsen, Makenna Laumann, Harley Spurlock) 5:34.43.


Team scoring – 2. Sidney 139. 6. Essex 50.

100 meter dash – 3. Colton Thornburg, Essex 11.99. Quentin Thornburg, Essex 13.59. Sam Pierce, Sidney 13.75.

200 meter dash – 1. Colton Thornburg, Essex 24.45. 2. Michael Benedict, Sidney 24.94. Brydon Huntley, Sidney 27.41. Isaiah Kline, Essex 29.61.

400 meter dash – 1. Luke Dalley, Essex 53.41. 2. Noah Jorgenson, Sidney 54.23. 4. Michael Benedict, Sidney 55.22. Isaiah Kline, Essex 1:07.88.

800 meter run – 2. Mister McNaughton, Sidney 2:12.18. 5. Cole Jorgenson, Sidney 2:26.47. Caden Henderson, Essex 2:29.84.

1600 meter run – 1. Noah Jorgenson, Sidney 4:54.56. 2. Storm Barrett, Sidney 5:38.40. 3. Caden Henderson, Essex 5:42.26.

3200 meter run – 1. Adam Thompson, Sidney 10:47.23. 3. Kyle Beam, Griswold 12:32.89. 5. Caden Henderson, Essex 12:53.50.

110 meter hurdles – 6. Josh Lutz, Sidney 22.82.

400 meter hurdles – Storm Barrett, Sidney 1:21.89. Josh Lutz, Sidney 1:25.97.

Discus – 2. Brady Lorimor, Sidney 127-10. Quentin Thornburg, Essex 67-5. Braidy Hutt, Sidney 64-1.

High jump – 2. Matthew Benedict, Sidney 5-6. 3. Colton Thornburg, Essex 5-2. Brydon Huntley, Sidney No height.

Long jump – 1. Colton Thornburg, Essex 19-7. Chase Price, Sidney 16-3. Isaiah Kline, Essex 13-7. Tyler Hensley, Sidney No distance.

Shot put – 1. Brady Lorimor, Sidney 42-7. Quentin Thornburg, Essex 30-5. Braidy Hutt, Sidney 27-9.

4x100 meter relay – 5. Sidney (Garett Phillips, Chase Price, Brydon Huntley, Sam Pierce) 51.66.

4x200 meter relay – 4. Sidney (Garett Phillips, Tyler Hensley, Chase Price, Sam Pierce) 1:48.11.

4x400 meter relay – 1. Sidney (Mister McNaughton, Starson Lovett, Cole Hunt, Michael Benedict) 3:51.08.

4x800 meter relay – 1. Sidney (Michael Benedict, Starson Lovett, Mister McNaughton, Noah Jorgenson) 9:10.75.

Shuttle hurdle relay – 3. Sidney (Sam Pierce, Josh Lutz, Jacob Hobbie, Donovan Racine) 1:27.59.

800 meter sprint medley relay – 2. Sidney (Garett Phillips, Tyler Hensley, Mister McNaughton, Cole Hunt) 1:46.77.

1600 meter distance medley relay – 2. Sidney (Garett Phillips, Tyler Hensley, Brydon Huntley, Cole Jorgenson) 4:15.26.

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