When our publisher, Kate Thompson handed me a book and asked that I read it and write a review, one could say I was less than thrilled.

Although I do enjoy reading, mostly non-fiction, the book handed to me, “Selling in Your Town” by Shenandoah businessman Doug Meyer didn’t immediately catch my attention.

However, that was before I started reading it.

A quick read with roughly 60 pages, Meyer writes well. It is a good, interesting book I recommend reading.

Meyer, who owns a car dealership in Shenandoah, is a self-made man. The suggestions he makes in his book about running a small business are accurate. I even recommended to Thompson after I read the book that our ad sales staff read it.

Regardless of whether you are in sales or own your own business, I think you get a lot of helpful advice on building work relationships by reading this book.

Meyer said it took him two years to write the book during his spare time and approximately nine months for the publishing portion of it. The idea came to him when he was serving on the Shenandoah Chamber and Industry Association Board.

“This book includes the things we did that worked in our dealerships and I thought it would work for anybody,” said Meyer.

The book is available on Amazon, iBooks, selling in our town.com and at the Shenandoah Chamber and Industry Association office in downtown Shenandoah. Cost is $8.99 plus tax.


Tess Nelson is the managing editor for The Valley News

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