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Essex School District sharing decision should be made after community explores broader planning effort for the future

Many thanks to the Essex School Board for it’s wisdom, guidance and leadership in discussing and planning for the future of the Essex School District. It can be difficult to know what steps to take during times of adversity.

The Board is faced with a difficult decision as it needs to balance the short term enrollment challenges the district faces with the largest petition ever presented to a government agency in Essex asking for the district to remain independent for the time being.

Simply put, the signed petition by 316 constituents to stop grade sharing discussion should be honored by the Board.

Given a stay of execution for the School District, all stakeholders including but not limited to the City of Essex, the Essex Community Club, the Essex School Board, residents, businesses, and alumni who seek to ensure a vibrant and healthy Essex in the future must work together to explore a plan and visioning process for the year 2040 in which we can re-imagine Essex--and your help is needed.

If you or someone you know has an interest in securing the future of the City of Essex and the Essex School District through future planning, student enrolment initiatives, the development or redevelopment of commercial or residential property, or has a vacant property available for sale or rent now or in the future please contact Dan Gustafson - Class of 1993 at or by calling 952-473-1000.


Marian Durfey, Mayor City of Essex

Patti Gay, Essex City Council Member

Melissa Chambers, Executive Director Essex Community Club

Allen & Mary Ann Stuart, Citizens for Save our Schools

Dave and Donna Jauron, Citizens for Save our Schools

Mary A. Ohnmacht, Essex Booster Club

Steve Schuster, Teacher

Lori Johnson, Essex Alumni

Mariah Roe, Essex Alumni

Dan Gustafson, Essex Community Club

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