After our board of supervisors meeting held Tuesday, Sept. 18, in Shenandoah, I felt a little concern after hearing, once again, over the training and schooling costs that we approved for the Auditor Melissa Wellhausen.

I feel this subject is not an issue that needs to be discussed any more during our meetings. We three supervisors saw a vision of where this could be a benefit for the county and we felt that it was something that should be tried. We are constantly handed items to decide on that do cost money and if we are to be micromanaged at every turn our constructive time becomes less effective.

I also feel that you have a board of supervisors that are willing to make tough decisions. And those decisions sometimes are not popular with everyone. Please, let this subject rest. We, your supervisors, one appointed and two elected, made a decision to support this schooling and

I am in hopes that we can focus on issues that need positive attitudes to solve them easily and continue to work toward making this county strong.

Alan Armstrong

Page County Supervisor


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