Take a walk through Shenandoah history

CEMETERY WALK... Learn about some of Shenandoah’s historical residents in Rose Hill Cemetery Sunday, Oct. 6.


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The Greater Shenandoah Historical Society invites the public to take a walk through history at their cemetery walk on Sunday, Oct. 6, at Rose Hill Cemetery. The walk will feature local actors portraying some of Shenandoah’s historical residents. The event will be from 2-4 p.m. The cost is $5 with kids 12 and under free.

Becky Barr, coordinator of the walk, explained that the walk will be about an hour from start to finish. There will be six people the walk will focus on, each with a different story to tell.

The walk will include stories about Earl May, Franklin and Bid Desh, Ruth “Eileene” Cook, Sam Whitehill and John Godgel.

Earl May was the founder of Earl May Garden Center and KMA. Earl May’s family helped the researchers with stories about his life for the walk.

Franklin and Bid Desh were a father and son from Shenandoah. One was a missionary to South Africa in the 1800’s, and the other owned a business called “Gospel Messenger.” It was a typesetting business that printed a lot of the local church pamphlets.

Ruth Cook, known as Eileene, was the first woman Justice of Peace in Page County. John Godgel was the last Civil War survivor from Page County. Sam Whitehill was a farmer from the Farragut area that was active in local public affairs in the Shenandoah area. 

People are asked to check-in at the chapel so they can be put in tour groups. Organizers also ask that you do not park close to the route the walk is taking. You can see more information on the museum’s Facebook page, facebook.com/ShenandoahHistoricalSociety.

There is still a need for volunteers, specifically photographers, to document the event. Those who are interested are asked to send the museum a message on Facebook or call Becky at 712-215-1862.

The location of the walk will change in the event of bad weather. Please like the museum on Facebook to stay updated.

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