After weeks of review, the Page County Board of Supervisors agreed to make an offer to one of the candidates for the county’s new safety coordinator position.

The name of the candidate was revealed during the Aug. 13 meeting, but because of the sensitivity of the issue, the Valley News will not release the name.

For weeks, supervisors have been reviewing three formal applicants and considered other county employees to have the position that will monitor and improve safety conditions for all county operations.

Page County has had its workers’ compensation policy threatened over multiple claims, many of which could have been prevented. For more than the past year, the county has been working with a safety consultant to find problems with county operations and make improvements.

Initially, supervisors were not confident the position would be justified in a normal, 40-hour work week.

“I believe we will never be on auto-pilot,” said supervisor Chuck Morris. He is concerned that once the person has had enough time to review and make changes, safety-related work won’t be needed for 40 hours.

With two supervisor seats on the November 2020 ballot, supervisor Alan Armstrong questioned if future board will want the position or may make changes.

Supervisors approved a request by Chris Adcock for the U.S. Constitution to be read Tuesday, Sept. 17 from the courthouse lawn. The Constitution was formally approved on Sept. 17, 1787. Adcock had also suggested if there could be a table outside to register people to vote. Supervisors agreed to have people enter the auditor’s office for registration needs.

Adcock was not in attendance.

Supervisors approved tax abatements for the city of Clarinda at 104 Essie Davison Drive, 1420 E. LaPerla Drive and 423 E. Garfield in Clarinda. The LaPerla address is the location for the city’s planned, new water treatment plant. The Essie Davison Drive location was intended to be a new restaurant, but the concept never developed and the property was returned to the city.

Supervisors approved tax abatements for 522 W. Main and 503 W. Clark in Clarinda for housing projects backed by Clarinda Economic Development Corporation.

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