Storm hits Riverton hard

The Christian Church in Riverton received damage from a fallen tree June 9 during a storm that moved through the area that evening.

The storm that passed through Fremont County the night of June 9 was especially hard on all of the old trees in Riverton. Pictured, right are branches that fell on the Riverton Christian Community Church during the Tuesday night storm. Church board member Shellie Hiatt said none of the stained glass windows were damaged, but there was some structural and roof damage that would need repaired once the insurance company sees it sometime this week. Hiatt said the church called in R. C. Tree Service of Clarinda, and they were on the spot to take care of the tree first thing Wednesday morning.

Several large trees and branches also came down at the city park, on Bill Labrum’s property, and on Jake Shull’s property, unfortunately also landing on his vehicles. Rick Comstock reported trees down on his property and across his street that night, and Jeff Parmenter had a large branch fall in his front yard, a shed knocked down, and several sheets of roof tin blown off his porch. Many others had tree branches scattered across their yard, and some are still in the process of cleaning up those debris.

Riverton Mayor Rick Barton said there were several power lines taken down in Riverton that night, too, but MidAmerican Energy was on the scene to repair those damages pretty quickly.

A call to Sidney City Hall indicates no major damage from the storm was reported there, and little has been heard from other Fremont County towns to indicate they were in this storm’s path.

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