State Farm agent launches Grub Grab’

State Farm agent Lance Cornelius and team members Abby Witthoft and Alexa Gilleland kick off Good Neighbor Grub Grab’ project.

Photo Page County Newspapers Heidi Hertensen

State Farm agent Lance Cornelius is teaming up with five local restaurants to boost business during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Cornelius said grants had been made available through the State Farm Good Neighbor Community Fund to local agents to give back to communities during this difficult time. State Farm allocated money from the company’sadvertising budget and local program budget to fund this program.

Cornelius said individual agents qualify for a $500 grant through the fund with the stipulation that the agent matches that amount and does the leg work.

“With how hard the restaurants were hit, we identified them as an area that we wanted to try and figure out a way to drive business to,” said Cornelius.

Rather than just hand each restaurant a check, Cornelius said himself and team members Abby Witthoft and Alexa Gilleland came up with an idea called “Good Neighbor Grub Grab.”

“We identified five restaurants, we divided that $1,000 by five, so $200 a restaurant, and we’re going to pay 20% down on everyone’s ticket on a specific night until the $200 is spent,” said Cornelius.

Cornelius said he will kick off the “Good Neighbor Grub Grab” at 11 a.m., Tuesday, June 16, at El Porton Mexican Grill in Shenandoah. The program will run through closing time or until the $200 is used.

The “Good Neighbor Grub Grab” at the additional four restaurants will begin at 5 p.m., on their specified date through close or until the $200 has been used.

On Wednesday, June 17, the “Good Neighbor Grub Grab” will feature Silver Spur Bar and Grill in Sidney, on Thursday, June 18, Sheri’s in downtown Shenandoah, on Friday, June 19, The Sanctuary in Shenandoah and Saturday, June 20, Elm Street Grill in Shenandoah.

Cornelius said the 20% off will be applied to carry out and dine-in orders.

“The idea is just to highlight and drive more business to our locally-owned restaurants,” said Cornelius.

Cornelius said people underestimate how well serviced the community is with local options for dining.

“To have as many good local options as we do, we just want to highlight those as best we can,” said Cornelius.

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