Shenandoah Public Library offers Curbside To-Go Service

The Shenandoah Public Library (SPL) announced March 17 that it will be closed until April 13 amid COVID-19 concerns.

In a press release, the library stated due dates for existing book loans will be extended.

The library has several online services available and will kickoff their Curbside To-Go service.

“The Curbside To-Go service was actually something the board had decided to do at our last board meeting because so many people have said that it’s difficult to get into the building,” said Shenandoah Public Library Director, Carrie Falk.

Falk said even with the handicap ramp and elevator; it is still a long walk for some individuals. She said the service could also be used for those with children and don’t want to get everyone out of the car.

Falk said this was the time to start the Curbside To-Go service when patrons do not have access to the building.

To participate, patrons must have a current Shenandoah Public Library card and can reserve items online or call ahead at 246-2315.

Patrons reserving online can access the card catalogs at

Falk said patrons calling by phone for the service could request what type of books they like, and staff can randomly pick them out or patrons can be specific of what title and/or author they want.

“Hopefully they may find some new authors they really like,” said Falk

Falk said if reserving items online wait to be notified that your items are ready to pick up.

Falk said patrons will have to call the library upon arrival to pick up items and staff would bring your items out to your car.

When returning items, the library’s dropbox is located in the alley.

SPL has several online services available on its website.

Falk said there are two streaming and downloading services are available called Bridges and Hoopla.

You can access both programs on the SPL website,, or if you are accessing from a mobile device, the app will need to be downloaded from an app store.

To access both programs, you will need your 14 digit library card number and a phone number. Falk said no spaces were required when entering a phone number.

Patrons are welcome to call the library if they cannot find their library card and need their card number or if they need help accessing any of the online services.

Falk said the library would continue the curbside program unless there is a confirmed positive case of COVID-19 in Page County.

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