Shenandoah nuisance property owners given additional time

A public hearing was held at the Shenandoah City Council regular meeting Nov. 12 regarding nuisance property at 1201 West Lowell owned by Paul Burton and Laura Newquist. (Photo Valley News)

Shenandoah property owners have been given additional time to address nuisance issues.

A public hearing was held at the Shenandoah City Council regular meeting Nov. 12 regarding 1201 West Lowell. Paul Burton requested the hearing after receiving a letter from city officials ordering him to remove the damaged, outer structure by Nov. 27, so it no longer posed a hazard to the public.

Burton said he has continued to work on the structure since a fire damaged it in January 2018. He also stated he has kept up on maintenance and yard work and keeps insurance and taxes current.

“The roof has been reframed,” said Burton. “I removed it. The siding does need to be removed and replaced. It’s just going to be a matter of time.”

Burton and co-owner Laura Newquist said they were looking for an extension until spring to complete the work.

“It’s going to take quite a bit more time than just the 27th to be able to frame the roof and get the siding and all of that restructured,” said Newquist. “It’s not just a renovation; it’s a rebuild.”

Newquist and Burton said there is no power or water at the property and they are using a generator to work on the property.

Council approved a resolution asking Burton and Newquist to return to the Dec. 17 council meeting with an update on the work they have completed.

Council members also approved the same resolution for Trent Tiemeyer, the owner of another nuisance property at 1119 West Valley. Tiemeyer was not at the meeting.

Shenandoah City Administrator, A.J. Lyman, said it was his understanding 1119 West Valley was involved in litigation.

“They actively want to work on it,” said Lyman. “Their legal council thinks that they can get some resolution hopefully here by the end of the month, but they’re not sure they’ll be able to complete it by the 27th.”

In other business Nov. 12, the council…

Approved renewal of the liquor license with outdoor service and Sunday Sales for Katheryn Paiz DBA Kaps Tavern at 113 S. Elm St.

Approved new liquor license for Mondo’s Restaurant Inc. DBA Mondo’s Restaurant at 309 S. Fremont St.

Accepted the project and approved a partial payment application for $24,410.29 to Denco Highway Construction Corp. for the Shenandoah Municipal Airport Airfield Pavement Rehabilitation Project.

Approved transfer of property at 206 and 210 East Sheridan to Robert and Sally Iske.

Approved transfer of property at North U.S. Highway 59 to Gil and Kim Gee.

Approved FY 2019 annual Urban Renewal Report.

Approved resolution supporting an effort to create a Native American national holiday.

Approved sewer adjustment request for John Teget at 706 Church St., for $50.22 for October sewer charges.

Ratified the hourly rate of $20.05 for full-time employee of the city of Shenandoah Police Dept., Dustin Terry.

Rescheduled the second December council meeting for Dec. 17. The second meeting was originally scheduled for Dec. 24, Christmas Eve.

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