Shenandoah Hy-Vee renovations will include updates throughout the store

Remodeling has begun inside the Shenandoah Hy-Vee store that includes updates to multiple departments. The goal is to provide even better service to customers.

The dining area will be converted to The Diner, a fast-casual dining concept Hy-Vee has introduced in several other locations.

“We’re going to have more made to order options,” said Devon Hartman, Director of the Shenandoah Hy-Vee Store. “So you’ll see a diner style menu where you can order, and we’ll cook it fresh. The hot case reduces down in size a little bit. We’ll add some diner-style seating and then really cook everything made to order.”

Bakery and produce departments will be among the updates.

Hartman said new fixtures and refrigerated cases will be placed in the bakery department. The produce department will take on a new look with new tables.

More space for grab-and-go and quick meal items will be added to the front of the store. A value aisle featuring dollar deals, pallet drops, and seasonal merchandise will be added to provide even more great deals to customers.

Frozen food and dairy cases will be relocated to align with the new store layout.

“Freezers will move down toward the end of the store by the dairy and milk cases,” said Hartman. “It will flow a lot better as you shop through the store. All the grocery sets will be together; the freezers won’t separate them.”

The wine and spirits department will be moved inside the store.

Hartman said the space for wine and spirits will stay almost identical to what is there now and doesn’t anticipate losing selection.

A mother’s room and four self-checkout lanes will be added for customer convenience.

“The customer service area will be redone, and one of our six current registers will come out to make room for the four self-checkouts,” said Hartman.

Hartman is happy about the remodel.

“I’m ecstatic,” said Hartman. “It’s great to see Hy-Vee investing in Shenandoah and putting money into the store. It’s going to be great when it’s all said and done. We’re all really excited about it.”

Hartman said crews will make it as easy as possible for customers during the remodel and will communicate where things are moved.

Renovations are scheduled to be completed in late April.

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