Phy-Ros food truck co-owner, Tondra Bruckner, spoke at the public meeting on June 11 urging City Council members to reconsider their initial proposal of a $400 peddler permit fee. Bruckner explained that permits in Omaha and Des Moines are $100 and allows service of thousands of people. She stated that $900 annually is not affordable and was a deciding factor in why the business stopped servicing Shenandoah. "We come from the city. We moved out here and we love it. We love rural Iowa. We wanted to bring our food out here, but we can’t afford these fees," said Bruckner.

The peddlers permit was increased by the city council during RAGBRAI to $900 annually to account for the large number of vendors that come to the area. AJ Lyman, city administrator, explained the fee was suggested to city council by the RAGBRAI organizers.

After hearing Bruckner, the city council amended and approved the first reading to $50 annually for a peddler permit. For the resolution to take effect the council must have a second and third reading; however, the third reading can be waived.

In other news, the council approved a revolving loan fund to the Donut Stop in the amount of $15,000 dollars. The loan will pay for repairs due to damage incurred from a sewage back-up. Lyman stated the business intends to open for business in two to three weeks.

Additionally, the council approved an agreement with Simmons Restoration to repair the damage from a sewage back-up in the basement.

Also, the council approved a donation of $1000 to the annual Fourth of July fireworks show.

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