Shen City Council sets multiple public hearings

Planning improvements to the movie theater and the upcoming Veterans Administration clinic highlighted the Shenandoah City Council meeting Tuesday, March 10.

Both projects were part of multiple public hearings set by the council to be held beginning at 6 p.m., March 24.

The first public hearing was a proposition to authorize a loan agreement and the issuance of notes to evidence the obligations of the city thereunder not to exceed $1,150,000 Taxable Urban Renewal Revenue Capital Loan Notes.

City Administrator, AJ Lyman said this is a TIF revenue bond that will go towards the theater project and a spur rail line project for Green Plains. He also said that more than 50% will go towards the refinancing of an old TIF that was done prior for a better interest rate.

A hearing was set for a proposition to authorize a loan agreement and the issuance of notes to evidence the obligations of the city not to exceed $475,000 taxable general obligation capital loan notes.

“This will go toward the CBOC VA Clinic,” said Lyman.

Lyman said it would go towards the infrastructure such as the parking lot, water line and sewer line. Another hearing will be for the development of the clinic itself between the city of Shenandoah and Lavastida Development Group for the clinic.

The next public hearing was for a loan agreement not to exceed $390,000 for blighted properties that the city is going to bond.

Lyman said the final public hearing is required to access the TIF revenues because it is not just the city tax funds. It also includes Fremont and Page Counties and the Shenandoah Community School District. This hearing is for the proposed TIF Ordinance providing general property taxes levied and collected each year on certain properties.

In other business…

Council received an update on the nuisance property at 1119 W. Valley, owned by Trent Tiemeyer. Council had granted Tiemeyer a 90-day extension on Dec. 17. The house has been torn down and Tiemeyer is cleaning the property.

Council approved the sale of city-owned property located between 1009 S. Elm St. and 1101 S. Elm St., to Cody and Megan Rice for $1,000 following a public hearing.

Council approved a request from Hackett-Livingston Funeral Home for two designated handicapped parking spaces in front of their main building.

Council approved May 7 - 9 for city-wide clean-up dates partnering with Shenandoah Sanitation.

Council also approved for the E-Cycle event to be held from 3 p.m. to 6:30 p.m., April 24. The city is partnering with Pella Corporation and Eaton Corporation for this event.

Council approved Waste Water Superintendent, Greg Scott’s retirement notification effective March 31.

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