School changes traffic flow at JK-8 building

The Shenandoah School District is implementing new drop-off and pick-up procedures at the JK-8 building this year. The map on the left shows the flow of traffic and dop off areas before the school day begins. The map on the right shows traffic flow and areas to pick up students. Maps were sent to parents and guardians in an e-mail earlier this week.

Maps courtesy Shenandoah Community Schools

Parents and guardians of Shenandoah elementary and middle school students will see a change in drop-off and pick-up procedures this year.

Shenandoah PK-8 Principal Monte Munsinger said changes were made to maintain the safety of the students and speed up drop-off each morning.

Munsinger said Transportation Supervisor Jon Weinrich made the initial suggestion based on what he observed last year. Munsinger added there were many conversations about the potential changes before the decision was made to implement them.

Last year, those dropping off students in the morning entered the activity parking lot on the northwest side of the building – Drive 2 on the left map - while buses dropped off students in front of the school. This year, it will be the opposite

Those dropping children off in the morning will use Drive 1 as labeled on the AM Parent Drop-off Map, and drop off children directly in front of the school.

Elementary and middle school students will be welcomed in either door, so drivers are asked to not stop in front of a particular door, or wait to exit the car in front of a particular door.

“Please help us keep the line moving by pulling all the way forward,” Munsinger said in an e-mail sent to elementary and middle school parents and guardians, “and dropping off students as soon as you come to a stop following the car in front of you.”

Munsinger said this change also nearly doubles the amount of space where children can be dropped off. People wishing to walk their child or children into the building or needing extra time to get younger children out of the vehicle are asked to park in the parent parking area – see map - in front of the school and escort them to the building using the yellow cross-walk areas.

Munsinger said there will also be an additional crossing guard this year at the corner of Keith Drive, Dr. Creighton Circle and Anna Crose Road to help with traffic. Middle school student council members will also help there and where the other crossing guard is located, at the end of the drop-off area where cars and buses intersect, the same place as past years.

At the end of the school day those picking up children will enter the parking area – see PM pick-up map - in front of the school using the same drive that was used in the morning. Elementary parents and guardians are asked to proceed to the elementary door and wait for their child or children.

“Staff will watch for you,” said Munsinger, “only releasing students when they see the appropriate guardian to pick up students from school.”

Middle school students will be allowed to exit the building and proceed to the parking lot to meet the person picking them up.

Buses will be parked at an angle in the activity parking lot, allowing all drivers to see their students coming. Staff parked in the back of that lot would be able to exit at that time if needed without crossing an area where children would be walking.

The change in pick-up location will also help with the elementary and middle school students being dismissed for the day at the same time this year.

New signage is already in place along Anna Crose Road with the new directions for drop-off and pick-up.

In other news from the JK-8 building, there are 11 new teachers from JK to 5th grade this year. They are Molly Nelson (JK), Jess Doyle (K), Kendria Johnson (K), Catie Reafleng (K), Lindsey Shaffer (1), Molly Roberts (2), Madison Beeck (3), Maddie Johnson (4), Molly Nuckolls (4), Emma Martin (5) and Jay Soderberg (5). There are also four new associates in the building.

Kerra Ratliff has moved to the JK-8 building as an interventionist on the Success Team. The team is made up of two interventionists, guidance counselor, dean, principal and two associates, who work together to assist the needs of the kids and staff. A new success room has been added on the elementary side of the building this year as well.

The team will work a lot early this year on the new discipline structure that will be implemented across the district. Shenandoah superintendent Dr. Kerri Nelson said they will be using a Boys Town approach, which is a research-based model that teaches social skills. This will give the students a consistent model of expectations as they go from classroom to classroom.

Munsinger stressed that behavioral intervention is good teaching in this model, showing the student what they are doing, what is expected of them and what steps the student needs to take to get to what is expected.

Writing and STEM, which stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Math, are areas of emphasis in the building this year. Munsinger adds a new K-5 math curriculum will be selected during the school year with the goal of it being implemented in the 2020/21 school year.

The district’s open house is set for Thursday, Aug. 22 from 5 to 7 p.m. Students and parents are encouraged to bring school supplies, take a look around their classroom and school and meet their teacher and friends.

Students return to school, Monday, Aug. 26.

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