The Fremont County Board of Supervisors approved a revised safety coordinator job description at their April 2 meeting, after weeks of discussing the matter and tabling it.

In months past there had been some dispute about whether the safety coordinator should be reporting on property damage incidents as well as personal injury incidents, with Fremont County Safety Coordinator Jeff Shirley saying he should report on all incidents so there is a written record, and some of the county departments and employees saying he should only be concerned with work comp claims and injury accidents.

Following previous discussions, and at the request of the supervisors, the county attorney had prepared a draft of a new job description. This job description limited the safety coordinator’s duties to work comp/injury incidents only.

Supervisor Terry Graham suggested some changes and questioned how county administrators would know about property damage incidents if safety coordinator didn’t document them. Supervisor Dustin Sheldon stated sorting those out and monitoring any reoccurring problems were the responsibility of the department heads.

Shirley described this latest draft as just as vague as the original job description at face value. He said he had talked with Jack Reed, the county’s human resources head, who told him he had gotten lots of input from other departments regarding the safety coordinator’s job duties. Shirley suggested to the supervisors their decision on his job description should be final and unbiased by any department’s wishes.

The supervisors approved the draft job description with clarification that the safety coordinator would work with all departments in preparing reports, and his duties would not include filing reports of property damage incidents without injury.

The supervisors approved an update of the county’s procurement policy to conform with requirements for federal funding. Deputy Fremont County Attorney Tyler Loontjer told the supervisors the changes were recommended by State Homeland Security, but didn’t change how the county’s procurement policy operated.

Changes to that policy included:

  • spelling out a conflict of interest clause;
  • adding local then Iowa preference in vendors;
  • clarification that FEMA/Homeland Security funding vendor choices required those agencies’ approval;
  • adding a professional consultant, and
  • adding a 10 point vendor selection process.

Fremont County Engineer Dan Davis opened five bids for single axle dump trucks for the county. For two trucks, bids ranged in price from a low of $155,740 to a high of $212,023. Bids were received from Freightliner, Peterbilt, Mack, Kenworth and International. Davis and Shirley talked about some issues they had been having with Freightliner electronics on current equipment. The supervisors asked for a recommendation on road department preference, but Davis and Shirley didn’t specify. The supervisors tabled the matter to the next week so Davis and Shirley could discuss the matter further.

In other business, the supervisors:

  • approved a pay voucher to HGM Associates in the amount of $4,953 for the J-24 project running through Thurman;
  • received, but didn’t act on, a box and hydraulic bid of $49,730 from Hawkeye Truck, and
  • approved appointing Mike Fox as a voting member of the Loess Hills Alliance (LHA) board.

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