Results delayed for Democratic Party

Lillian Irvin spoke during the caucuses Monday, Feb. 3, Ward 3 in Shenandoah supporting Pete Buttigieg.

All eyes were on Iowa for the 2020 caucuses Monday, Feb. 3.

As of press time, statewide results for the Democratic Party were still delayed because of technical issues with reporting results. According to information provided by the Iowa Democrat Party Tuesday afternoon, the following are results from Page County’s caucus held Monday, Feb. 3. Results only show who received SDE - state delegate equivalent.

Joe Biden .80 SDE

Pete Buttigieg 1.68

Amy Klobuchar .88

Bernie Sanders 1.52

Elizabeth Warren .32

“Our County did great,” said Page County Democrat Party Chair Chris Adcock. “The organizers were trained and they were ready. We worked really hard to be prepared.”

Lillian Irvin spoke during the caucus in Ward 3 of Shenandoah, supporting Pete Buttigieg.

“There’s nothing more powerful than a humble person with a warrior spirit driven by a bigger purpose,” said Irvin. “Pete Buttigieg has a bigger purpose.”

Irvin said she chose Buttigieg for President of the United States, not because it will be easy. She said it would be hard.

“Pete can rally the country to do things that have never been done before,” said Irvin. “I encourage all of you; please look within your own families. Pete will build an America where people will not feel they are excluded, that they will feel that they belong. An America where everybody feels like they belong.”

Dan Chambers also spoke during the caucus in Ward 3 supporting Joe Biden. Chambers said he was supporting Biden for many reasons and went through the list.

“He’s had many years of experience in foreign policy, and I think most of us here will admit our foreign policy is in shambles,” said Chambers. “I think he would be an excellent leader.”

Buttigieg and Bernie Sanders were the big winners at the Essex Democratic Caucus.

There were 27 that showed up to the Essex Community School’s Trojan Hall to caucus with five delegates up for grabs for the county convention.

Buttigieg and Sanders will be represented by two Essex delegates and Joe Biden the other.

Sanders’ group was nine members strong after the first alignment choice was made while Biden and Buttigieg had the minimum five needed to make their group viable.

Elizabeth Warren was the first choice of four, Amy Klobuchar three and there was one undecided participant.

The three viable groups then all elected a spokesperson to speak for one minute on their preferred choice.

Buttigieg’s spokesperson said Buttigeig “identifies with us and is practical, intelligent and will bring the country together.”

Sanders’ spokesperson said he had the best chance to beat President Trump and was genuine and authentic. Biden’s spokesperson presented him as the one that threatens the president the most and has the most government and foreign affairs experience.

While Sanders had a strong majority after the first alignment, he barely held that majority after the second alignment with a final count of 11 for Sanders, 10 for Buttigieg and six for Biden.

The 27 participating at the caucus was two higher than the 2016 total and there were a few new voters in attendance, including at least one that switched party affiliation to participate.

Temporary precinct chair Chris Adcock was elected as the permanent chair. Adcock also announced she is planning to run for Iowa House District 24, the seat currently held by Republican Cecil Dolecheck.

Adcock read a statement from state party chair Troy Price before the caucus participants made their choices. Adcock charged those in attendance to be more active, saying “we need to work more, because if we don’t the Republicans win.”

Rose McGargill was elected the permanent secretary of the precinct.

Republicans across Page County and in the state of Iowa name President Donald Trump as their nominee for president in the 2020 election.

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