Resource officer a possibility for Shenandoah School District

The Shenandoah School Board approved a request to the school budget review committee for modified supplemental amount and supplemental aid for the 2020-2021 Dropout Prevention program for $269,426 at the Shenandoah School Board meeting, Monday, Jan. 13

The request includes partial funding for a school resource officer.

Shenandoah Superintendent Dr. Kerri Nelson said the district had discussed having a part-time school resource officer last year but At-Risk funds fell short of what was needed to make it work. She has continued to have conversations with the city concerning the position.

At-Risk funds are received from the state and are based on district enrollment. The district must have a plan approved by the board for what the funds will be used. In addition to the money received from the state the district must match the amount for a general total budget.

Nelson said the district was anticipating having a resource officer part time with the officer spending the remaining time with the city. She said there was an error in calculations, and the city is now proposing the district may have to cover the position 75% of the time.

“We did make some pretty large budget reductions last year in anticipation of recouping some costs this year,” said Nelson. “That will allow us I believe to work with the police department and the city.”

Nelson said the resource officer position would be partially funded with At-Risk funds. She said the district is still working on details, but to fund a resource officer 75% of the time, they would need to supplement from the general fund.

Nelson said the resource officer is required to be an employee of the police department so he will have the legal authority to act while on duty.

The board will decide if it wants to use money from the district’s general fund to pay for the remaining cost of the resource officer. A decision should be made at the February board meeting.

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