Reafleng receives Staff Member of the Month award

A local program recognizes local teachers and support staff monthly for the work they do in the community.

Pella Corporation in Shenandoah, in partnership with Pella Rolscreen Foundation, supports the Staff Member of the Month program. The purpose of the award is to recognize outstanding educators and support personnel in the school systems who provide instruction, coaching and a nurturing environment for area students.

In a press release Julie Wolf, with Pella Corporation said the award covers all of the school districts where Pella employees’ team members live.

Wolf said Pella has team members from Rock Port, Missouri, to Hastings, Nebraska City to Clarinda and all areas in between. By completing a nomination form, students, parents, teachers, or members of the community can nominate a staff member by describing the work and service they provide.

“The selection process is difficult, as we have very talented academic leaders in our communities,” said Wolf.

The winner of the April Staff Member of the Month award was Catie Reafleng. Reafleng teaches kindergarten at Shenandoah.

Reafling was nominated by one of her student’s parents, Tamara Gray.

‘I want to recognize Catie because she has consistently gone above and beyond for my child,” stated Gray in her nomination. “She has an open line of communication and will always answer any questions I have. Being a mom with her first child going into school I have had lots of questions and she has been there every step of the way. My child has also had his own struggles this year and she has been his biggest supporter and cheerleader. She is consistently working with us to help him. She cares and it shows.”

Gray said she nominated Reafling before the COVID-19 pandemic closed the schools in Iowa. She said it is even more evident since the school closure how invested Reafling is in the kids in her class.

“She meets virtually with all of her students up to four times a week,” said Gray. “I can’t even imagine meeting with that many kindergarteners that many times a week. She has prepared packets for them and sent them mail. Noah loved getting his own mail. She also stopped by our house and talked to Noah through the window. It was amazing.”

Reafling will receive an engraved plaque, school mascot mug and $250 check to use toward expenses in her classroom.

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