Pinky’s Glen may be returned to Tabor Fire Department

Fremont County Conservation Board members Connie Scott and Wilbur Henkle visited with Tabor Fire Department's Scott Richardson at the Conservation Board meeting on April 3, 2019.

At their April 3 meeting, the Fremont County Conservation Board discussed returning care and control of Pinky’s Glen to the Tabor Fire Department.

Scott Richardson attended the meeting on behalf of the Tabor Fire Department, and heard about the conservation board’s concerns. Doug Weber, Executive Director, and the other members of the conservation board talked about issues with vandalism at Pinky’s Glen, and the ongoing issue with people using the dumpster there as their own instead of paying for residential trash hauling.

Weber said the county doesn’t have the finances or manpower to properly maintain, supervise and develop the park as they should. According to the terms of the property agreement made long ago, if at any time the conservation board finds itself unable or unwilling to take care of Pinky’s Glen, the property should be returned to the Tabor Fire Department.

Conservation board members asked Richardson if he thought the Tabor Fire Department would want the park back, and if they would be able to do anything with it. Richardson said they would, but they would actually probably give the property to the City of Tabor, which he thought could make good use of the property. Tabor also has an active and involved Hometown Pride committee that might be able to help.

Richardson asked what kind of expenses were involved in maintaining the park and if there were any large upcoming expenses to be concerned about. Weber told him expenses usually included spraying for weeds, mowing, adding road rock as needed, trash services and paying to repair vandalized objects. Weber added that spraying for the year would be done before the property would be returned to the fire department if it was returned.

Board members discussed this option and the fact Weber was concerned there would be no REAP funding starting in 2020, which would leave the board little to no money to use for maintenance of the park.

The board approved returning the park to the Tabor Fire Department. This approval is pending the approval of the Fremont County Board of Supervisors, allowing them to do so.

Board members reviewed and discussed a new job description for the golf course superintendent. Conservation board member Sherry Gilbert advised the board she had been told several months ago by county human resources head Jack Reed that they should update the job description as it was too broad. The new description included conservation procedures and policies.

One thing the new description spelled out was the chain of command in cases where an incident or injury should be reported, starting with part-time employees reporting to Buck Clark, Clark reporting to Weber, and Weber reporting to both board president Gilbert, and county safety coordinator, Jeff Shirley.

The new description also included Clark preparing a weekly schedule saying who would be working when that week. Board member Connie Scott thought this might be too inflexible, but Weber agreed they should know who was on the course at all times, in case any issues should arise. Gilbert added she just didn’t want any repeats of calls she had received last year, with people telling her they were on the golf course and it hadn’t been mowed, and her having no idea who should be there or was supposed to have done that.

The board approved the new description pending final tweaking from Reed.

Weber asked the board to approve new part-time hires for the golf course, reminding them they would still have to be approved by the board of supervisors. Planned part-time employees were Bob Longman and Kris Henneman, and the board approved both.

Weber asked the board to officially approve waiving campground fees for flood victims at the county’s roadside campground. Weber said he had already gotten supervisor approval of the waiver, but it needed to be official from the conservation board, too. Fremont County Supervisor Terry Graham was present and reminded Weber the county could get reimbursed for electrical charges by FEMA if they kept track. The board approved fee waivers for flood victims.

The next meeting of the Fremont County Conservation Board will be at 5 p.m. on May 1st, in the golf course clubhouse.

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