Residents along the 800 block of South Avenue are not in consensus what side of the street parking should be banned to improve traffic flow.

But many in attendance agreed about suspicious activity in a house in the block that is leading to the occasional traffic disruptions.

During the Shenandoah City Council meeting Tuesday, Aug. 13, council tabled a request to ban parking on a side of the street that was initially discussed in July.

“I didn’t see any problems,” said council member Kim Swank when he observed the block.

A representative from the Shenandoah Police Department also stated he didn’t see any troubles while on patrol.

The concern residents said is when a car is parked on each side of the street, and across from each other, it makes it difficult for traffic to pass through.

“Just do something to one house,” according to a comment from the audience.

No specific names or addresses were mentioned during the discussion, but several in the audience were speculating of suspicious activity originating from one house. They claim the activity is what causes the parking concern as people park, stay for a length of time, then leave only for the process to be repeated.

Council members Bob Burchett then asked those in the audience how banning parking would solve the alleged problem. Responses were for law enforcement to investigate the area.

Council member Aaron Green moved to table the issue for more research which council unanimously approved.

In other council action…

A hangar lease for Ben Hall was approved. Swank abstained from the vote because he is related to Hall.

A liquor license was renewed for The Sanctuary Restaurant.

The license for ownership change for Casey’s General Store at 605 S. Fremont was approved from Michael Richardson to Megan Elfers and Jay Blair to Deborah Grimes. A liquor license for the same location was also approved.

RocStop’s liquor license was renewed. RocStop is at 1310 W. Sheridan.

The liquor license for Sheri’s at 504 W. Sheridan was approved.

Council approved city representation at the Iowa Parks and Recreation Association Sept. 9-11 at Ames.

Christopher DeLong was approved as a new volunteer firefighter.

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