New members join Shenandoah School Board

At the Dec. 9 Shenandoah School Board meeting, elected board members Darrin Bouray and Jeff Hiser took the oath of office administered by Board Secretary Lisa Holmes. The two replace Greg Ritchey and Dr. Timothy Smith who filled in after Kip Anderson’s resignation.

Hiser nominated himself to serve as board president.

“The people have spoken,” said Hiser. “Those words have been used. I think it’s time to start healing, some trust issue to come. I think I can bring that, plus my six years of experience, and board president before.”

Current president Jean Fichter was also nominated as president for another term by board member Kathy Langley.

The method of voting for the board offices was then discussed.

“We have advised our legal team, and they have suggested if there was more than one person nominated for either one of the board offices that we vote by paper ballot,” said Holmes. “In which then I will collect and read the board member’s name and the person that they voted for.”

The board opted for a paper ballot by a 4-to-1 vote. Hiser cast the only no vote.

The board reelected Fichter as president by a 4-to-1 vote, with Hiser voting no. Adam Van Der Vliet was approved as vice president in a 4-to-0 vote. Hiser abstained on the vote for vice president, having nominated Langley, who declined the nomination.

Hiser said he had concerns about approving Century Bank as one of the district’s depositories because of the pending sale in April and suggested a temporary resolution.

Shenandoah School Superintendent Dr. Kerri Nelson said the district has an RFP that is active with Century Bank. She explained it has a three-year time period ending in February and will be annual after that. She said the new bank would have to honor the RFP, and if they did not, then that would be a reason the board could terminate that relationship. However, Nelson said the change in ownership should not impact the RFP.

“There’s not a provision in there that says we must do a new RFP,” said Nelson. “It is something I looked into a little bit, based on your questions, and consulted with our attorney.”

Nelson said with the change in bank ownership, there’s no legal obligation to rewrite an RFP.

The board approved Century Bank and Bank Iowa as the district’s depositories by a 3-to-1 vote. Hiser voted no and Bouray abstained.

In other business…

The board unanimously approved the first permit set for the Shenandoah High School’s renovation project, along with a second set proposal with Carl A. Nelson and Company. The board unanimously approved the resignation of Holly Saner as part-time custodian, Steve Hielen, as building and grounds director and Taylor Powers as ninth-grade softball coach. A contract for Derek Howard was approved as a substitute bus driver.

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