2nd annual Everly Heritage Day

Zmed Brothers perform at the first annual Everly Heritage Day in 2018. The group returns June 22 to perform "Everly Brother Experience" in honor of the contributions the Everly Brothers made to Shenandoah music history and heritage.


Everly Brothers Childhood Home Foundation in Shenandoah will host the second annual Everly Heritage Day June 22. The day long event begins with a free pancake feed 8-11 a.m. sponsored by Earl May Seed & Nursery Co. at their headquarters 208 N. Elm St. in celebration of their 100th Anniversary and Everly Heritage Day. At the house and museum new displays, a new documentary, radio history speaker, concert and more will follow.

Shenandoah is paying tribute to the legacy of the Everly Brothers because it’s where Don and Phil spent their formative years and learned the value of hard work, performing, and musicianship that was an integral part to their success. Shenandoah was home to Ike and Margaret Everly and their boys Don and Phil from 1945 to 1953. They came to sing and play guitar on live radio for Earl May on KMA and Henry Field on KFNF.

Events at the Everly Brothers Childhood Home and Greater Shenandoah Historical Museum run from 1-5 p.m. with a new film debuting of "Everly Brother Music Beginnings in Shenandoah". The short documentary will be shown each hour along with other videos featuring the Everlys, Earl May, and the Zmed Brothers who will headline the 7 p.m. Everly Experience Concert at the High School Auditorium. The film was completed thanks to a grant from the Greater Shenandoah Foundation.

"Their childhood home is symbolic, small in stature, a reminder of the family’s humble beginnings and ultimate achievement of the American dream. We continue to raise funds for the ideal video computer system inside the house to show the film and other internet, photographic, video, and audio archives. We also continue the upkeep, development and promotion of the house museum itself. This past year we have completed trim around windows and doors, replaced outside banners, received donations of costumes and furnishings and landscaped around the house," said foundation committee members Bill Hillman, Shelly Warner, Sherry and Sheryl Davis, and John Van Nostrand.

The committee thanks the May family and Wal-Mart for their donations for the house electronic display equipment. The goal now is to raise additional funds at the Everly Brothers Experience Concert benefit concert June 22, at 7 pm in the Shenandoah High School auditorium.

Zmed Brothers and the Bird Dogs Band perform the Everly Brothers Experience with music and history. The concert site is Shenandoah High School Gladys Wirsig Jones Auditorium 1000 Mustang Drive. Tickets are still available and can be purchased at Shenandoah Chamber 619 W. Sheridan Avenue, the Depot Restaurant 101 Railroad Street or online at www.shenandoahiowa.net. Cost is $15 in advance and $20 at the door.

The concert will be broadcast live on KMA Radio, 960 AM. KMA staff will give studio tours from 3-4 p.m. at 209 N. Elm Street. The world famous, Grammy winning Everly singing duo grew-up in and learned to sing and play guitar on live radio with their parents on Shenandoah’s nursery radio stations KMA and KFNF.

Shenandoah’s early radio history will be highlighted in a presentation by "The Radio Historian" John Schneider, who is a lifelong radio historian, and a Fellow in History of the California Historical Radio Society. He contributes regular articles on radio history to "Radio World" and "The Spectrum Monitor", and is the author of two Arcadia Publishing books, "Bay Area Radio" and "Seattle Radio". He now resides in Quincy, Illinois.

A few volunteers will be needed to serve as hosts at the Childhood Home and inside the museum. Ushers will also be needed at the concert. Contact Shenandoah Chamber at 712-246-3455 or email chamber@shenandoahiowa.net to help.

The Chamber is also asking downtown businesses to recognize the Everly Brothers that week with special window displays featuring the Everlys and the 1950s and 60s, the height of their career.

The Mission of Shenandoah Everly Brothers Foundation is to honor and remember the Everly Brothers, preserving their Shenandoah history and keeping their music alive with events and concerts held annually. The Zmed Brothers group fits that aim as there goal is also to preserve the Everly Brothers music and honor their legacy. It will be their third appearance in Shenandoah. "Of all the Everly duos we have had play in Shenandoah, besides the Everly Brothers themselves, the Zmeds are the best," said Warner.

Their Everly enthusiasm began in January 2016 when brothers Zachary and Dylan Zmed and their partner Burleigh Drummond began developing The Everly Brothers Experience Show. Since then they have celebrated the pivotal sound of the Everly Brothers music with enthusiastic crowds all across the U.S. and over seas in iconic clubs, theaters, performing arts centers, casinos, ballrooms, and coliseums.

The Zmeds say, "Our aim is to honor the aesthetics of their iconic sound and honor their unique place in music history all while telling our own personal story." Their father is Adrian Zmed a traveling singer, dancer, actor and their mother Barbara a second grade teacher in Southern California. They continually strive to pay homage to their roots by always infusing an instinctual blend of entertainment and education in their show. The Zmeds recorded a series of videos of songs they sang in the house last winter. They are all songs from the Everly Brothers Album "Songs Our Daddy Taught Us". A couple videos have been posted on YouTube.

For more information on the event and concert tickets contract Shenandoah Chamber & Industry Association chamber@shenandoahiowa.net or call 712-246-3455.

The complete event schedule follows:

Friday, June 21 at 9 p.m. Free outdoor video screening of 1983 Everly Brothers Reunion Concert and 1986 Everly Homecoming (Katz Koolerz & Gourmet Coffee, 803 W. Sheridan Ave., bring lawn chairs, concessions available. (Rain site – Depot Deli.)

Saturday June 22 from 8-11 a.m., Earl May Seed & Nursery Co. Founders Day 100th Anniversary, Free Pancake Feed at Earl May Headquarters, 208 N. Elm St. Earl May was Everlys’ first employer on KMA radio.

11 a.m.– 1 p.m. George Jay Drug Soda Fountain Social, an Everly Brothers’ favorite, 612 W. Sheridan Avenue.

1–5 p.m. Visit Everly Childhood Home (First 50 visitors will receive an Earl May 100th Anniversary vinyl tote bag filled with Shenandoah deals & info.) and Shenandoah Historical Museum 800 W. Sheridan Avenue featuring:

Shenandoah Everly Brothers Popup Museum, pickup free brochures & Valley News event tabloid

Presentation of Everly House digital preservation by University of Iowa

For Sale- 1986 Homecoming Concert t-shirts, posters & photo books, Everly calendars with memberships to Historical Museum and Shenandoah Everly Foundation.

1:30, 3:30, and 4:30 p.m. Debut screening of new documentary "Everly Brothers Music Beginnings in Shenandoah" Plus Everly Brothers Experience, Earl May, & KMA videos

2-2:45 p.m. Community discussion and memories of Everlys growing up in Shenandoah and 1986 Homecoming

4-5 p.m. Presentation by John Schneider, The Radio Historian, www.theradiohistorian.org, history of Shenandoah’s KFNF & KMA Radio

3-4 p.m. Guided tours of KMA Radio Studio, 209 N. Elm St.

7 p.m. Everly Brothers Experience Concert by Zmed Brothers & Bird Dogs Band, High School Auditorium, advance tickets $15, $20 door. Get tickets at Shenandoah Chamber, Depot Restaurant or online www.shenandoahiowa.net.

9 p.m. Music at the Depot Restaurant by the Minnahoonies

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