Sidney resident Sandra Moores attended the June 11 Fremont County Board of Supervisors meeting to re-state her objection to impound lot operations in a Sidney residential district.

Moores had previously complained to the supervisors about a dilapidated camper parked in the impound lot just feet from her property lot. Moores stated then that she believed the impound lot violated nuisance ordinances in numerous ways and asked why the impound lot couldn’t be moved outside city limits and who she should contact about moving the camper.

On June 11 Moores said the camper had finally been moved, three months later, but she saw they were hauling in gravel, and wondered if any consideration had been given to her request they move the impound lot out of the residential area.

Supervisor Dustin Sheldon told Moores he didn’t think moving the lot was financially feasible right now, and asked if a non-transparent fence on the side of her property would help. Moores said it would help visibly, but wouldn’t solve the noise and pollution issues, or the fact that the impound lot was violating nuisance ordinances.

Moores wanted to know who she should contact to go over the heads of the supervisors. Deputy Fremont County Attorney Tyler Loontjer told Moores the impound lot had to operate under city ordinances because it was within city limits, so the Sidney City Council would be in charge.

Loontjer cautioned, though, that the city couldn’t make the impound lot move; they could just make them abate any nuisance they were creating.

Supervisor Terry Graham advised the other supervisors the Army Corps of Engineers (Corps) had met with levee sponsors Monday, June 10, to give a progress and status update. Sheldon said, tentatively, L575 A breach by Percival should be closed 7-10 days from June 10; the breach by Hamburg should be closed in mid-July, a breach by Highway 34 should be done the same week, and the breach by Bartlett would probably be repaired in the first half of July. All work is dependent on weather and water.

Fremont County Emergency Management Director Mike Crecelius told the supervisors there had been no real changes that would warrant releasing the evacuation order for everything west of Bluff Road yet. The supervisors agreed the evacuation order should remain for now.

Crecelius also advised the supervisors case managers would be at the Emergency Operations Center (EOC) at 2014 290th Avenue in Sidney on Wednesday, June 19, from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. to take applications for assistance from the Fremont County flood fund. He said this was a one-day event. Catholic Charities planned to be at the EOC on a different date to help flood victims with unmet needs.

Wilbur Henkle of the Fremont County Conservation Board was present to ask the supervisors’ permission to return ownership of Pinky’s Glen to the Tabor Fire Department. Henkle told the supervisors the conservation board had spoken with Scott Richardson of the Tabor Fire Department, and they were interested in the property if the county conservation board didn’t feel like they had the resources to do the property justice.

When Pinky’s Glen was donated to the conservation board, it was specified in the deed that the property should be returned to the Tabor Fire Department if the conservation board no longer wanted it. Fremont County Auditor advised the group the property thought of as Pinky’s Glen is actually made up of three parcels. The deed for one of those parcels, the one including the actual park, did indeed require returning to the Tabor Fire Department, but the other two parcels did not.

Loontjer said he thought the county would actually have to speak with the former owners or their heirs about their wishes for the other two parcels, before a decision was made about them. The supervisors agreed ownership of the other two parcels should be researched.

Loontjer reminded the supervisors Fremont County Attorney Naeda Elliott was still wanting a private space to meet with clients, and thought the conference room upstairs could be made into such a space. Fremont County District Court Clerk Robin Shirley advised the supervisors that space is used quite a bit on court days. The supervisors questioned whether there was any other space in the courthouse that might work. It was agreed the supervisors would walk through the proposed area and continue this discussion at another meeting.

West Central Community Action has requested permission to use space inside the offices where the Department of Human Services was located on the square in Sidney, at least during the county’s flood recovery. The supervisors ultimately agreed WCCA could use space there, if the county attorney’s office and WCCA could reach a joint agreement.

In other business, the supervisors:

approved a work in ROW permit for Mid American Energy for extension of circuit feeder under and along Airport Rd.;

approved a work in ROW permit for Windstream Communications to place copper cable along west side of 242nd Ave from 1601 to 1658;

approved an IDOT Amended Budget, after public hearing;

heard Nancy Tiermeyer’s request to purchase county held tax certificate no. 2017-405, which she decided to hold off on pending further research, and

approved a Cigarette/Tobacco/Nicotine/Vapor renewal Permit for Sapp Brothers.


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