MIB Crash Land

When Molly was a child she saw the Men in Black wipe her parent’s memory. From that time she became obsessed with finding and becoming one of them. Agent H is the best in the business and is poised to take over but something changed. He’s now a loose cannon. When the two meet they have to take on the greatest foe the MIB has come up against: themselves.

Men In Black: International isn’t a remake. It’s a continuation of the Men In Black story. There are new characters, new aliens and new hijenks. While it’s hard not to compare it to the old classics you do have to remember that this movie isn’t trying to be like the old ones. It’s trying to carry on their legacy. Somewhere along the lines it fumbles.

Chris Hemsworth and Tessa Thompson have great chemistry together, especially after working together on Thor: Ragnarok and Avengers: Endgame, and it’s hard not to love them. Add in the sassy alien that is sworn to protect Thompson’s Agent M and you have a pretty good team. Thompson proves she can lead a movie while Hemsworth can play the funny but serious role all day.

The plot has its holes, but what movie doesn’t, and there are some great characters that don’t get enough screen time. It would have been nice to see more of Rafe Spall’s Agent C or even learn more about The Hive before we are told they are the bad guys. We hardly get shown why The Hive are bad and then we only really see them again at the end. It’s hard to hate something when we don’t know anything about them.

This movie isn’t great, not by a long shot, but it is good. The movie has some slow moments in the middle and the big twist can be seen a mile away. There is some cursing and questionable moments for children. It’s still a fun movie that has its moments but it just wasn’t quite what I was expecting.

Directed by F. Gary Gray, best known for Friday and Set It Off, this is the first MIB movie not directed by Barry Sonnenfeld. Sonnenfeld is known more for campy, funny movies. This movie has its funny moments but it’s more action packed. There are a lot more chase scenes and explosions. The CGI is pretty good but it can be overwhelming at times.

I grew up watching Men In Black a lot; it was one of only a few movies we could all agree on. Men In Black: International feels like a Men In Black movie for the new age but it doesn’t quite satisfy my craving. They specifically said they didn’t want to hit too hard on the nostalgia, and thankfully they didn’t play into it, but it left me wanting more. Men In Black: International is playing at the Legacy 3 theater in Shenandoah.

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