Hy-Vee One Step program finances projects local and global

Above is a well that was dug in South Africa with proceeds from the sales of Hy-Vee One Step water. A portion of every purchase of Hy-Vee One Step water goes towards digging wells in impoverished areas where freshwater is scarce.

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Hy-Vee has been helping feed the hungry, digging wells, planting trees, and helping grow gardens since 2012 with the Hy-Vee One Step program.

The principle behind Hy-Vee’s One Step program is “if we can make a difference, we should,” said Christina Gayman, director of public relations for Hy-Vee.

Gayman said Hy-Vee’s One Step effort was launched to finance projects, local and global, that help people be healthier.

“The One Step approach is as simple as its premise: offer customers a selection of everyday products and donate a portion of the proceeds to relevant, worthy causes,” she said.

The program is comprised of Hy-Vee One Step cereals, russet potatoes, paper products and bottled water sold exclusively at Hy-Vee stores.

Through this program, Hy-Vee has helped fund 750 community gardens where people learn about health and nutrition through planting and harvesting their own fruits and vegetables.

A portion of every purchase of Hy-Vee One Step water goes towards digging wells in impoverished areas where freshwater is scarce, including Haiti, South Sudan, Kenya, Tanzania and Nigeria. So far, 86 wells have been dug.

More than 5.4 million meals have been provided to people both in the United States and internationally through Meals from the Heartland through the purchase of Hy-Vee One Step cereal.

“The Hy-Vee One Step cereal started as a couple different boxes of cereal,” said Devon Hartman, Shenandoah Hy-Vee Store Director. “Now it’s the entire Hy-Vee line of cereal. Every box of cereal you buy provides one meal.”

Proceeds from the purchase of Hy-Vee One Step paper products help plant trees in areas damaged by floods or fire, in parks and neighborhoods throughout the Midwest. Hy-Vee partners the One Step program with the Arbor Day Foundation and have planted more than 420,000 trees.

Hartman says the goal going forward is to plant 100,000 trees per year.

“We are proud to sell these products and see the impact they have on those who need them,” said Hartman. “I’d encourage anyone to search Hy-Vee One Step on YouTube to see the program at work.”

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