Hood extends to third district

Sidney Superintendent Tim Hood

South Page School Board President Ron Peterman said he does not see any significant problem in having superintendent Tim Hood shared with Sidney and East Mills.

            The East Mills board approved Hood June 25 as its superintendent for the upcoming school year. Hood has been shared between Sidney and South Page since the 2017-2018 school year.

Hood replaces Paul Croghan, who was shared between East Mills and Essex. He resigned to take the same, shared position for Cumberland-Anita-Massena and Nodaway Valley in Greenfield.

            “We had previously discussed this,” Peterman said Wednesday, June 26 about the three-way school arrangement. “Even the previous superintendent did one day a week at one time.”

The contract states Hood will be at South Page for 30 percent of the time. He will be at East Mills 20 percent and Sidney 50 percent.

“Tim was quite confident he could do three districts,” Peterman said Hood told the South Page board.

Hood ended his initial, two-year contract between South Page and Sidney valued at $155,000 a year. Under the three-school agreement, each school will pay about $60,000.

“We’re saving a few dollars. It shouldn’t always be about dollars, but it sure can’t hurt,” Peterman said. “

Hood replaced Gregg Cruickshank who worked between South Page and Sidney for eight years. During the 2016-2017 school year, Cruickshank spent a majority of the time at Sidney because of administrative needs.

Before Cruickshank left, there was a proposal for him to be shared among South Page, Sidney and Griswold, but it never developed.

“We approved a one-year contract,” Peterman said about the three-school deal with Hood, Sidney and East Mills.

Peterman said the board is confident South Page Principal Rhonda Sheldon, who just finished her first year, will manage daily operations without Hood in attendance.

“Rhonda has proven herself over several times,” he said. “She’s very capable.”

Sharing of superintendents is fairly common in this area due to school size and budget constraints, and Hamburg School District has also recently signed an agreement to share its superintendent with another district.

Dr. Mike Wells will act as superintendent for both the Hamburg School District and the Essex School District for the 2019-2020 school year.

This agreement was just finalized by the two districts the week of June 24, and also includes sharing Business Manager Bill Barrett, Counselor JH Wolfe and Human Resources Brandi Oakes, all from Hamburg School District. This sharing agreement is for a one year trial period at this time.

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