Fremont County Treasurer Alise Snyder spoke with the Fremont County Board of Supervisors about the county buying drainage stamped warrants at the Feb. 19 supervisor meeting.

Snyder advised the supervisors the county currently holds $1,276,876.67 in stamped warrants. Snyder explained the purchase of the warrants acts as an investment for the county, much like a certificate of deposit, but the interest on the stamped warrants was actually better, averaging about five percent.

Supervisor Randy Hickey said once the drainage districts get a normal year of operations, the expenses won’t be so high, necessitating large warrants. Supervisor Terry Graham expressed some concerns that the county’s farmers could get crushed again by flooding this year, making it impossible for taxpayers to support the increased levies put in place to help cover drainage district expenses. The supervisors agreed to purchase upcoming stamped warrants.

Graham talked to the other supervisors about a conversation held at the Feb. 18 special board of supervisors meeting, in which it was mentioned the Army Corps of Engineers (Corps) was not planning to provide any funding to fix the roads being torn up by levee repair haulers. Graham noted Mills County was charging 30 or 35 cents per cubic yard for filler hauled in levee repair activities. He stated the county did not have the money to repair roads destroyed by constant traffic from heavy haulers, so if the railroad and the Corps didn’t intend to help pay for damages they created through contract activities, the county was going to have a serious problem.

Supervisor Dustin Sheldon mentioned he thought Mills County was only charging for borrow material being hauled out of the county, but the other supervisors and Deputy Fremont County Attorney Tyler Loontjer were not sure if that was correct.

Graham planned to contact Mills County and find out whether they had passed an ordinance or resolution or how they put this charge in place and report back to the other supervisors.

In other business, the supervisors approved:

A work in right-of-way permit for Lilmore Farm LLC to clean out a ditch on 380th Ave to improve drainage;

The hire of Sydney Dailey for the Fremont County Auditor’s office;

Holding a public hearing on March 11 on a zoning change from agricultural to commercial for the property across from the Farragut Cemetery, and

Renewal of the Iowa Negotiation & Consulting Services (INCS) service contract for a three year term at the same price, with a one-year opt-out clause.

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