Fremont County Sheriff Kevin Aistrope has released the following information about the fireworks laws/ordinances being followed in the towns of Fremont County:

  • Unincorporated Areas- Adopted new state code

  • Hamburg- Fireworks allowed July 1 through July 3 until 10:00 pm and on July 4th until 11:00 pm.

  • Sidney-Adopted new state code

  • Riverton- No fireworks within city limits

  • Tabor- Adopted new state code

  • Randolph- No fireworks within city limits

  • Thurman- No fireworks within city limits

  • Farragut-Adopted new state code (with Exceptions)

  1. Farragut Fire Chief shall have authority regarding fire or public safety

  2. No use of fireworks on public property, including parks, cemetery, ball parks, STREETS, or any property owned or operated by the city.

  3. Dates for use are limited to June 20th through July 8th, and December 20th through January 8th. Times are in accordance with current State law.

New Iowa Law allows:

  • One can only use consumer fireworks on their own private property or the private property of a person who consented.

  • June 1st to and including July 8th

  • December 10th to and including January 3rd

  • 9:00 AM to 10:00 PM

  • 9:00 AM to 11:00 PM on July 4th and ant Saturday or Sunday immediately before and after July 4th and December 31st

  • 9:00 AM to 12:30 AM on New Year’s Eve

Please be aware of and follow the fireworks law or ordinance where you live and have a safe and happy 4th of July.

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