Everly Brothers Childhood Home Preservation Mission

Shenandoah is paying tribute to the legacy of The Everly Brothers with Everly Heritage Day scheduled each year the third Saturday in June. Shenandoah is where Don and Phil spent their formative years and learned the value of hard work, performing, and musicianship that was an integral part of their success. The Mission of Shenandoah Everly Brothers Family Home and Foundation is to honor and remember the Everly Brothers, preserving their Shenandoah history and keeping their music alive with events and concerts held annually. 

The nonprofit group has several goals to preserve the history and the house located on Sheridan Avenue next to the Historical Museum. In the past year, trim has been finished around the windows and doors inside and a documentary video about the Everly family history here in Shenandoah was completed and is being shown exclusively at the house. Fundraising has been ongoing for a touch screen computer system to show the film, photo archives and internet performances by the Everly Brothers. Donations have been committed from Wal-Mart, the May Family, and individuals and businesses supporting the Heritage Day concerts. The Foundation expects to have the computer system in place by the June 20 Heritage Day this year.

Another primary goal has been to bring the next generation of the Everly family to Shenandoah. This may be the year Everly children and grandchild visit Shenandoah and attend the Heritage Days celebration. Details will be announced soon. Phil and Don Everly were last in Shenandoah for the 1986 Homecoming Concert. The brothers donated their proceeds from the concert to a scholarship fund that has helped youth in Shenandoah with tens of thousands of dollars over the years and continues today. To donate to either the Everly Scholarship fund or the Everly Restoration fund, make checks payable to Greater Shenandoah Foundation and mail to Everly Childhood Family Home at 619 W. Sheridan Avenue. For more information, contact the Shenandoah Chamber & Industry 712-246-3455 or email chamber@shenandoahiowa.net.

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