Essex community comes together to provide fun activity for kids

Who wants to go on a “Bear Hunt”?

Kids can go on an adventure in Essex this week looking for bears. They should look for stuffed bears, pictures of bears and any other kind of bears that might appear in windows of houses and businesses.

Essex Community Club Director, Melissa Chambers said Essex kindergarten teacher, Amy Resh, saw the idea on Facebook and approached her about organizing one for Essex.

“It seems just perfect right now where we are with the coronavirus pandemic,” said Chambers. “People need something to do. They need a purpose.”

Chambers said they decided to take it a step further with other ideas they saw on Facebook as well by changing the theme each week for the next four weeks.

Through Sunday, March 29, Essex residents can participate by putting a bear or a picture of a bear in their window that will be visible from the street. March 29 through April 5 will be “chalk your Walk” week. Kids can enjoy the outdoors while they decorate their sidewalk with positive and uplifting messages.

Chambers said a happy face in a window works too if you don’t’ have chalk or the ability to get out.

Then April 5 through April 12, people can go on an Easter Egg Hunt with pictures of eggs or anything related to Easter placed in windows. The final week, April 12 through 19, will have a flower theme.

Chambers said by the fourth week, “We will be well into spring and what a better way to celebrate spring than with flowers in your window.” She said they could be real, artificial, or pictures of flowers.

“Going outside is something we still have left,” said Chambers. “Something we can do and can do safely.”

Chambers said not only kids can participate, but adults could drive around the neighborhoods and try to spot the items in windows.

“We thought it was something where everybody could participate if they should so desire,” said Chambers. “It’s encouraging people to get out and walk and we think it will be well received.”

Chambers said a map of Essex available on the Essex Community Club Facebook page for kids to access and print so they can chart where they have been or where they have located items each week.

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