Courthouse to limit public access

After a March 17 meeting with all department heads, Page County officials agreed to limit access to the courthouse beginning Wednesday, March 18 because of the threat of COVID-19.

Officials agreed for the courthouse to remain operational but will use secured drop boxes during the business day outside the building for people to leave information. Boxes will be emptied and information processed daily. Appointments may be made with each department. Customers are urged to use telephone and email for each department. The county will update courthouse operations on its website at

Assessor: (712) 542-2516.

Attorney: 542-2514.

Auditor: 542-3219.

Clerk of Court: 542-3214.

Public health: 850-1212.

Recorder: 542-3130.

Treasurer: 542-5322.

Sheriff: 542-5193.

The county’s Veterans Affairs office is in Shenandoah, 246-4254;

Each department also has a Facebook page to post updates on operations.

The county’s clerk of court office is managed by the state.

Sheriff Lyle Palmer said Monday he prohibited visitors to the jail but knows his staff will still continue working with the public.

“Our interaction with the public can’t be stopped,” he said. “We will try and use more phone but we deal with the public and sometimes it’s close and personal.”

If a suspect has symptoms, Palmer said arrangements will have to be made since the jail does not have a place to quarantine.

On Saturday, March 14, the Clarinda Correctional Facility also prohibited visitors to inmates.

County Conservation Director John Schwab said all county parks will remain open. Drop boxes for camping fees will be made available. Water for camping has not yet been turned on. Schwab said summer maintenance crews typically don’t begin work until mid April.

Supervisor Jon Herzberg, said the county landfill will continue with its recycling program despite having less help. Landfill operations use Clarinda Correctional Facility inmates for recycling work, but the prison will prohibit inmates from leaving the prison to prevent possible exposure.

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