Page County Courthouse

The Page County Supervisors are considering allowing more people in the courthouse for services.

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With Page County Public Health Administrator Jess Erdman and county safety coordinator Tom Nordhues urging the use of facemasks, county officials discussed May 19 how more people could enter the courthouse for services.

“We can’t remain in our current state without some changes,” said Supervisor Chuck Morris. “There is too much pressure to get back to business as usual, but business won’t be usual for quite some time. Whatever we can do to move traffic safely through the courthouse and our employees, we need to give it a try.”

Erdman said gloves are not mandated but encouraged regular hand washing.

“Temperature taking is still valuable,” she said.

Nordhues said he supports the use of gloves.

In late April, the county allowed more people in the courthouse as long as they appropriately answered some health related questions and used personal protective equipment and social distancing. Those people were allowed in if their needs could not be met in other ways.

Suggestions included having a person at a door to monitor the number of people in the building and their status. Treasurer Angie Dow said she has funds in her budget for a part-time person, which could be utilized.

“I’m willing to try, to get more people in the doors,” she said.

Morris said the concept is worth further research.

Dow said she has had success with renewing driver’s licenses and car registrations, but the state’s extension on both documents, because of the virus threat, expired May 27. She said neighboring states’ law enforcement agencies may cite expired Iowa licenses and registrations.

In other county action…

Becky Meyer of Clarinda was appointed to the county conservation board. She fills a vacancy created by Katie King. Conservation Director John Schwab said there is a strong interest in camping at the county’s parks and things are “going well.”

A budget amendment was approved. Highlighting the changes were about $292,000 for improvements to weirs in places across the county. The county also purchased 10 additional computers to balance employees’ work-at-home because of the COVID-19 threat and the primary election June 2.

Lied Public Library Director Andrew Hoppmann informed the supervisors of the library’s operations since it has been closed because of the virus threat. The library is offering curbside service for those wanting items. The library is also having an online book review of leadership and personal development books. Participants read a chapter than review the chapter two weeks later. It’s not required to read the book to be part of the discussion.

The Clarinda Optimist Flag display will be erected at the sheriff’s office.

Approval was given for the farmers market on the east side of the courthouse on Tuesdays, and occasional Saturdays, from June 2 through Oct. 13.

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