Page County Board of Supervisors unanimously approved to rescind a work agreement with Philip Robbins Construction of Coin over a state violation related to the design of a proposed office building for the county engineer.

During the supervisors’ meeting Tuesday, June 4, supervisors said they were informed of the error by state officials after the bid was approved May 21. Plans for the proposed building are to be approved by a licensed building engineer. They were not.

"We have legal resources and a code book, how do we not know this," asked Supervisor Chuck Morris.

County engineer J.D. King, who was in attendance, responded.

"Do I have a good explanation," he told the supervisors. "No, I don’t. I didn’t sign the plans, I’m not that kind of engineer."

King informed supervisors he has contacted a licensed engineer to review and approve the plans. King estimated the cost for those services to be less than $10,000.

King said he expects the building plans to be approved in two weeks and the bid process for construction will then be repeated. Robbins was the only bid received.

Supervisors set aside $625,000 in the fiscal year 2020 budget for two building for secondary roads; an office space for King and a buildings to house equipment and materials that have been left outside. Supervisors would like King’s office at the secondary roads shop on East State Street in Clarinda. His office has been on West Washington Street.

King said the plans for the storage building will be prepared correctly. County officials have not started the bid procedure for that facility.

"I just hope we can get it done before winter," supervisor Jon Herzberg said about the office building.

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