Page County Conservation Board again reviewed a proposal to have a sculpture of a mammoth installed somewhere in Rapp Park, located north of Shenandoah.

During the board’s meeting Tuesday, July 9, no decisions were made to approve the installation. The board and other county officials will research liability and potential locations. Earlier attempts for installation never developed.

About five years ago, the conservation board was approached with the idea from artist Susan Woodford who has designed and built a tin sculpture of a mammoth measuring about 20 feet high, 20 feet long and 5 feet wide.

“That would give kids and people the idea of how big it was,” she told Valley News.

The sculpture was inspired by mammoth bones found in 1990 in Page County. The skeleton was nicknamed Homer.

Resembling an oversized, hairy elephant, mammoths are known to have roamed the Midwest thousands of years ago. The skull and tusks of the mammoth found in Page County are on display at the Greater Shenandoah Historical Museum.

Woodford has informed the board she knows of people and businesses who will volunteer their time and resources for the installation, once approved.

“We would have community involvement,” she said.

The sculpture would add to the county-owned park.

“It would give some education for kids,” Woodford said about the sculpture’s impact. Information complementing the sculpture would explain the history of the animal and Page County.

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