The Sidney School District suffered a disappointing blow after a $10 million bond for school facility improvements and construction failed in a special election held April 2, 2019.

Voters were asked to consider a two part vote: Proposition A asked school district residents to vote yes or no to allowing the school district to bond for not more than $10 million for improvements to the elementary and junior/senior high buildings and football field/track; Proposition B asked them to vote yes or no to allow the district to tax district residents $2.70 to $4.05 per thousand dollars of assessed value to pay for the bond.

Of the 1699 registered voters in the Sidney School District, almost one quarter, or 441 people voted. Almost all 441 voters did vote on both propositions. The district needed 60 percent of those votes on both propositions to be “yes” for the bond to pass.

Proposition A received 264 “Yes” votes, or 59.86 percent, and 177 “No” votes, or 40.14 percent. 

Proposition B received 255 “Yes” votes, or 57.82 percent, and 185 “No” votes, or 41.95 percent, with 4 voters who failed to mark either choice.  Both propositions were just a scant few votes shy of passing.

The district has the option to bring the matter back up for election again six months from this election, or at the next available election date thereafter. Sidney School Superintendent Tim Hood said he and the district’s school board have not yet had the opportunity to discuss whether they will do so.

Due to the close nature of this vote, a recount might be called.

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