City says farewell to four employees

Outgoing Councilman At-Large Aaron Green and Ward 2 Councilman Bob Burchett are honored with a plaque at the Dec. 17 Shenandoah City Council meeting.

Farewells were said to city employees during the Dec. 17 Shenandoah City Council meeting.

Outgoing Ward 2 Councilman Bob Burchett and Councilman At-Large Aaron Green were honored with a plaque.

Burchett had served on the city council for 24 years and lost his re-election in November to Jon Eric Brantner.

Burchett said his time on the city council meant a lot to him and joked no one ever let the air out of his tires.

“I thoroughly enjoyed being on the council,” said Burchett. “I learned a lot. I met a lot of great people. I did have a lot of opportunity to help people with situations through the city.”

Burchett worked with five different mayors during his 24 years and said that was an experience in itself.

“I really admire the people at city hall,” said Burchett. “I’ve made good friends with most all of them coming and going.”

Burchett served on committees and community boards; ambulance, library, chamber, loan committee and Walk of Fame, to name a few.

“Being on different committees as a representative of the city has always been very enlightening for me,” said Burchett, “and I’ve enjoyed it totally.”

Burchett said he would continue to serve the community and volunteer wherever and whenever he can.

“I think probably term limits comes into mind here,” said Burchett. ”After 24 years, it’s probably a good time to back off and let someone else have the opportunity to serve.”

Green has served on the council for the past eight years and lost his reelection in November to Cindy Arman.

“This marks the end of two terms of service on the Shenandoah City Council,” said Green. “Eight years completed with monthly meetings of the City Council as well as the Ambulance Board, Cemetery Board and for the first term Armory been an honor and privilege to have put in the time and effort to study and ponder the many issues that face the community. It was a joy to serve with the many individuals who work at City Hall and the various city departments. Truly we do have an exceptional infrastructure of city government and services that serve with pride. It is a treasure that in today’s world should not be taken lightly or for granted.”

“Gratitude goes out to everyone with the City that I’ve learned so much from,” said Green. “I include and only mention our honored departed. Bob Norris, Marvin Adcock and Don Gibson all had very positive influence on how I served the City of Shenandoah.”

Also honored was retiring fire chief Ron Weston after 20 years of service on the Shenandoah Fire Department. Shenandoah Police dispatch/clerk Jean Stribling was recognized for her 37 years of service to the community.

In other business…

Council approved the re-appointing of AJ Lyman as City Administrator for a two-year term and Karla Gray as City Clerk/Treasurer for a two-year term.

Dick Hunt, Shenandoah Mayor, announced Councilwoman Rita Gibson would succeed Green as mayor pro-tem in 2020.

Council received an update on nuisance property at 1201 W. Lowell owned by Paul Burton and approved to take the property off of the agenda as it no longer falls under the nuisance category. Council thanked Burton for eliminating the nuisance issues of his property.

At the Nov. 12 regular meeting council had approved a resolution for Trent Tiemeyer, owner of a nuisance property at 1119 West Valley, to provide an update on the property at the Dec. 17 regular meeting. At that time, Lyman said it was his understanding the property was involved in litigation.

Tiemeyer was not in attendance Tuesday evening, and Lyman gave an update.

“Tiemeyer is attempting to resolve this,” said Lyman. “He asked for an additional 90 days.

Council approved to put it back on the agenda for the March 10 regular meeting.

Council approved to set a public hearing at 6 p.m., Jan. 14 for the sale of city-owned property located at 900 S. Center for $2,000 to Maloja, LLC.

Council approved the first reading of an amendment to Shenandoah’s cemetery ordinance. The ordinance would extend term limits to five years. It would also eliminate the cap on the number of terms a board member can serve. The council waived the second and third readings, and the amendment was adopted.

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