The Essex Community Club (ECC) will be kicking off their 2019 Membership drive soon. Anyone is welcome to become a member of ECC. Individual memberships are $35 (additional $5 for each additional family member who wants to join) and business memberships/sponsorships start at $100.

They have some members who support ECC through their membership fee and that’s their only interest in participating. That’s totally fine. They have people who attend meetings who aren’t members, which is also fine! And they have members who pay membership and are very active attending meetings, etc. They welcome all levels of participation in ECC and their hope is to be welcoming and make sure everyone knows they can participate as much or as little as they wish, but that anyone is welcome to be a member (not just for business owners).

All members are able to vote at meetings, receive an invite to the Annual ECC meeting (which includes a catered meal). When a member passes away, they make a donation in their name to endowment fund.

They also have ECC currency, similar to Chamber bucks. They pass this out at various events throughout the year like office professionals luncheon and annual meeting, Essex parade and lighting contest. The ECC currency can also be purchased as gifts. It can only be spent at Sponsor members locations. Sponsors are listed on our advertising material, website, sponsor brochure.

They have sponsors not only from Essex but Shenandoah, Red Oak, and the surrounding area.

If interested in becoming a member of ECC you may contact Melissa Chambers, Director at P.O. Box 334, Essex, IA 51638 or by email

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