I was very disappointed in your selection for person of the year. I think that the past city administrator was a paid ‘public servant’. That payment would be a salary or wage, from taxes, to do a job for the city and its citizens. Hopefully this person was doing the job he was being paid for, this ‘service to the public’.   I also heard this individual say that he was, “self-employed” since he was a property owner and paid property tax!

To give an award to someone, anything besides their salary and of course benefits, just for doing their job is, to put it mildly, interesting!

Shenandoah has a wonderful record of individuals, service organizations and businesses that contribute to our community’s betterment. Their pictures appear in your paper regularly. They donate money and time, unpaid/voluntary, to many of the charitable organizations and city events here. They represent thousands of dollars, and hundreds of volunteer hours that improve the lives of others, and make city improvements like: the walking path to school, various city park playgrounds, et. al.

We even have a volunteer fire department! Where are their accolades?

These are ‘freebies’ to our city, given to our citizenry, donated, unquestionably ‘award’ worthy.

We also have a devoted clergy administering to our faith-based needs. These people not only inspire their congregations but they volunteer for other community needs. They need recognition along with the pro-bono attorneys, CPA’s, and other business professionals that donate their legal, accounting and tax expertise to the charitable organizations in Shenandoah. These and other business professionals have done this for years.

Also all the volunteers that make the various events in Shenandoah successful. They’re not paid, they show up, volunteer and donate. I would hope that you would put more thought into your next selection of any position that announces itself to be the ‘person of the year’.

Maybe someone, an organization, or a business that has done something for our community without being paid to do so. Altruistic and inspirational are words that should be considered when considering a worthy award recipient.

Or you can make the same type of selection but make it on April 1.

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