A total of 24 market beef calves were weighed and tagged in Fremont County as 4-H and FFA Projects on December 27, 2018.  That number represented 13 Fremont County and 1 Page County 4-H and FFA youth carrying the market beef project for the upcoming 2019 Fremont County Fair.  Of the 24 head weighed, 14 were steers and 10 were heifers.  The top weight of the day was 980 pounds, with the lightest weight going to a Miniature Hereford at 190 pounds.  The average weight of the 24 calves was 679 pounds.

Volunteers helping with the weigh-in were:  Fairboard Superintendents Brad Nahkunst and Jeremy Walter, along with Jim Nahkunst,  and Fremont County Veterinary Technicians Jeremy King and Garret Wren.  Fremont County Extension employees Logan Doty and Lynda Marshall were also in attendance with a special helper, Lyla Brooks, Clover Kid from Riverton Fisher 4-H Club.

The Fremont County Vet Clinic not only donates the building and help from the Vet Technicians, but also the implants and Pour-On used for each beef coming through the scale.

Youth and number of calves weighed were as follows:  Cody Dresher-1, Ty Lantz (FFA)-2, Abigail Martin-1, Avery Martin-3, George Martin-1, Nora Martin-1, Samuel Martin-1, Connor Owen-2, Hadley Reilly-2, Hunter Reilly-1, Ethan Roberts-3, Ryan Roberts-2, Blake Schaaf-3, and Jed Whitehead-1.

Two cattle were identified for the Iowa State Fair in August of 2019.  Both of these animals had retinal images taken as identification for the larger show.

For more information about 4-H in Fremont County or specifically the 4-H beef program, contact the ISU Extension & Outreach office in Sidney at 712-374-2351.

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